5 Reasons to Make Breakfast (or Any Meal) The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shakes

JJ protein shake womanPulling your kids together for school, searching for car keys, calling the plumber for a suddenly stopped-up toilet, and the million other demands morning makes on you leaves little time for breakfast.

If you’re short on time and simply don’t “do breakfast,” I want to tell you about my favorite way to start morning that’s easy, simple, and takes less time to make than that call to the plumber.

 The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake

After rigorous development, I am proud to introduce The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake. I designed these shakes with very specific, stringent criteria. Anything less than the very best quality wasn’t going to fly because they have my name on them.

First things first: The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake had to taste amazing. Because I didn’t want you to become bored with just one flavor, I designed them in chocolate, vanilla, and my personal favorite, chai. All three flavors are delicious.

Awesome taste and texture with just 5 grams of sugar proved a real challenge. After all, many commercial protein shakes get their taste from massive amounts of sugar, including high-fructose corn syrup and other damaging sweeteners. The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake, on the other hand, gets its 5 grams of sugar from organic cane juice sugar.

You know how important protein is from The Virgin Diet. The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake offers a vegan blend of pea protein isolate, potato protein, and chlorella protein to provide over 20 grams of high-quality protein in every serving that mixes and absorbs well. This unique protein formula has low allergenic potential, so you can enjoy these shakes every morning or even twice a day without risking potential food intolerances.

I called these All-in-One Shakes because they work as a meal replacement, not just an effective way to get high-quality protein. Every serving comes loaded with optimal amounts of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, whole food complexes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep you lean, healthy, and full for hours.

I know what you’re thinking: how much does a super-premium, nutrient-loaded shake like this cost? After all, many people work with a tight budget these days. But I met my goal: these shakes cost less than two bucks each. You probably spent more than that on a French roast or green tea this morning.

The whole process didn’t come easily. These shakes took longer to develop than I expected. I apologize for the delay (folks have been asking about these for months now!), but like I said, I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than perfection. Mission accomplished!

5 Reasons Why The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake is the Perfect Breakfast

I love to start the day with The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake. I load mine with organic berries, flax or chia seeds, kale (yes, kale: you can’t taste it but it spikes the nutrient content), and So Delicious unsweetened coconut or almond milk.

If I’m traveling, I blend The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake with my favorite accessory, the Magic Bullet. (Talk about saving money over those continental breakfasts!) Even if you’re on the go or stranded at your office, you can whip one of these smoothies up to balance your blood sugar and give you steady energy for hours.

Here are five reasons I recommend The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake for fast fat loss and steady, sustained energy all morning:

1.Easy. Manufacturers know reaching for a box of cereal with skim milk takes less effort than fixing a mixed-vegetable omelet. They also know among the franticness of looking for your keys and getting the kids ready for school, you’re most likely to take the path of least resistance at breakfast. The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake offers you the same convenience without cereal’s empty carbs that spike and crash your blood sugar.

2.Lasting energy. That low-fat muffin and latte raises your insulin levels, which means you’re due for a mid-morning crash that will leave you running for the nearest bagel cart. On the other hand, The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake gives you sustained energy for hours. That means no 11 a.m. Krispy Kreme cravings and no snapping at your coworkers once your blood sugar levels crash.

3.Inexpensive. Tally up how much you spend on breakfast biscuits, muffins, or whatever else counts for breakfast. Surprised? The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake provides a cost-effective alternative. For the price of a large coffee, you get high-quality, fat-burning protein that keeps you full and focused for hours.

4.Fast. You know that time excuse for not having breakfast? It doesn’t work with The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake. In about the time it takes to pour cereal and milk, you can toss all your ingredients in a blender for a filling, delicious breakfast.

5.Healthy. Sure, they’re convenient and offer a little protein and nutrients, but those so-called healthy breakfast bars and canned shakes come loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavors, and other things that don’t constitute a smart breakfast. On the other hand, you can custom-load The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake with good fat, fiber, antioxidants, and of course high-quality protein that boosts your metabolism and helps burn fat. A study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that protein shakes “can safely and effectively produce significant sustainable weight loss and improve weight-related risk factors of disease.”

Not Just For Breakfast…

Obviously, you can enjoy The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake any time. For instance, have a second shake at lunch when you’ve got a big dinner planned or want post-holiday fast fat loss. Keep a container nearby when you’re stuck at the office, on the road, or when you’re suffering a three-hour flight delay. The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake also makes the perfect pre- or post-workout mini-meal.

Super flexible, easy, filling, convenient, and fat burning: what’s your favorite reason to have The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shake?


Mierlo CA, et al. Weight management using a meal replacement strategy: meta and pooling analysis from six studies. Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2003 May;27(5):537-49.

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  1. Where do I order?

  2. Hi. I’m a 43 year old, African American, female, who is 70 pounds overweight. The virgin diet sounds wonderful but, how do you change a generational life style to work according to your diet. Please work out a system for my culture. When you do…please let me be your test subject. To encourage others like myself that we can also look and feel great.



  3. when is you cookbook coming out for sale?

  4. is farro an okay grain or is it on the avid this gluten list? I have been unable to find out any information.

  5. Barbara Carrillo says:

    I ordered your book, but did not get the 3 vidios. Your sight is not working today. I keep trying to get more information, but the computer says there is a problem or the page is no longer there.

  6. Tried to order the shakes after watching the video and could not….I’ve been looking for a good quality protein powder, that’s clean and free of animal and anything artificial….

    Roz fox

  7. We want to get the new free deal, but shopping part is not working. Help!! Thanks!

  8. Lori Antz says:

    Why are organic cane sugar and potato starch OK in your new shakes but not in everything else we eat on the Virgin Diet? Please explain…..

  9. Inetta Bennett says:

    This message is for JJ Virgin. I am confused about the amount of sugar in the shakes since I am supposed to eliminate all sugar except xylitol and stevia for at least 21 days. On the ingredient list for all flavors is evaporated cane juice.

    • JJ Virgin JJ Virgin says:

      You can have up to 5 g of sugar per serving. Learn more at http://thevirgindiet.com/tvd-faq/

      • Robyn Smith says:

        I am somewhat confused about the shake. I have Nature’s Life Healthy Veg, pea, rice hemp chia protein in this plant protein. I will order your shake mix but this is what I could find locally to get started. It uses xylitol for the sugar and is 2g per 2 scoops of the protein powder. My confusion comes from the fat in the shake. I do grind my own flax seed and add to the shake but you list nut butter, flax seed meal, coconut milk as using as a fat but then list them as some of the main ingredient as well.

        Tell me if I am making my protein shake correctly: 2 scoops of my veg (pea,rice,hemp,chia) protein powder (22g). 1 cup (so delicious) unsweetened coconut milk, 1/2 c organic frozen blueberries, 1 tbs ground flax seed. I mix it in my vita mix and drink.

  10. Mary-Anne says:

    Hi JJ,
    Bought your book and just started in on the first three week cycle. Feeling better generally after just a week. Could only get rice protein powder at my local coop. Made the smoothie for breakfast last week with frozen blueberries (1 cup), rice-protein powder (one scoop), 1 cup coconut milk, and a tablespoon of quinoa flakes. Tasted fine, went down well, and no longer range “output” problems either that day or next day or two.
    The only problem I did have was a splitting headache that nearly took the top of my head off a few minutes after drinking the smoothie. I laid down, took a nap, and felt a little off for the rest of the day. Haven’t tried the smoothie since. Not normal for me to get something like this. Have been eating the protein powder, coconut milk, a few raisins, mixed with cooked oatmeal for breakfast all week with good results- and no headaches.
    What’s up with the smoothie headache? (Are the “frozen” blueberries the cause? Haven’t tested this theory because I haven’t had a day when I could go back to bed or be “off my feed” for the rest of the day..) Any Insights, greatly appreciated.

    • JJ Virgin JJ Virgin says:

      Was it too cold maybe?

    • I had problems with the same rice protein, blueberries and coconut milk smoothie combo as well, I switched to rice protein, frozen wildberries(raspberries,blackberries and blueberries), water instead of coconut milk, chia seeds and 1 tblsp. of xylitol for sweetener, and feel much better and energized , and no headache.

  11. Hi JJ,
    Can organic unsweetend rice milk be used instead of coconut or almond milk for the shakes?

  12. Hi JJ,

    I got the Virgin Diet Success Kit with Vanilla protein powder. I used coconut milk, black berries, the supplied fiber (okay to use in a shake?) and one scoop of powder. It was repugnant. Can I put xylitol in a shake to perk it up? Are the all in one shakes tastier? I do have a sweet tooth, but I’ve been enjoying your other meal options thus far. The black berries seemed sweet on their own. I think I just don’t care for the taste of the vanilla powder. If I can’t get these shakes to work, though, I’ll have to bypass them for now. Thanks.

  13. JJ. The shakes are awesome. I am not a big shake fan but I am now. I can’t
    belive how good I feel.

  14. Is the smoothie you made on Rachel Ray’s show recommended for Type 2 diabetics?

  15. I bought a veg-pea-chia hemp fiber powder for the shakes is that ok?

  16. Hi JJ,
    Just recieved my Virgin Diet Shakes and the chocolate and vanilla flavors taste great. I haven’t tried the chai one yet but I’m sure it’s as tasty as the chocolate and vanilla.

    When I was making my shake this morning, I noticed on the label that it says “2 scoops” for serving size. However, the suggested use says to use only one scoop. How many scoops of protein powder am I supposed to use in my shake? Please advise.

    p.s. I’m down 3 lbs already and still losing!! Thanks for your help. :)

    • 2 scoops per serving. There was a typo on the label.

      • I am still confused about this and see conflicting info in the FAQs, the shake directions, and the book. To make a morning shake, I have been using 1 scoop of Vanilla powder with 8-10 oz of water and ice cubes..this is the All in One shake…is that correct or is it 2 scoops for the 8-10 oz of liquid….I cannot imagine it would be as the one scoop is very fiber-y and unless I drink it quickly, I cannot get it down due to the bulk ones of the liquid as the fiber absorbs the liquid.
        Thank you

  17. I just received your shakes and didn’t realize there is flax in it. I am trying to stay away from flax. Do you know how much per serving?

  18. Hi
    I have a ton of Visalus shakes left to use before buying yours. Do you know if visalis meets all of your criteria?

    • JJ Virgin JJ Virgin says:

      As long as they follow these guidelines:
      Choose a high quality protein base
      • Vegan rice, pea or potato protein, or blends of these
      Once you are through the program, and if dairy IS NOT an issue for you, then you can also choose a high quality whey protein shake mix.
      Avoid:Soy, egg or milk protein powders, artificial colors and sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose.
      Look for: GMO-free and hormone (rBGH) free. Your protein powder must be low in sugar – stick with a very small amount of natural sweetener or sugar alcohol (ie stevia, xylitol, rice syrup, evaporated cane juice syrup) 4-5 grams per serving max.
      Look for shakes made with 5 grams or less of net carbs per serving.

  19. I just had my first Virgin vanilla shake this morning. I mixed it in my Ninja blender and added: 10 ounces water, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, one scoop Chia seeds, one scoop ground flax seeds and 1 tsp. Matcha green tea powder. This was very good and there was no undissolved powder, that is one thing I normally do not like about protein shakes. The shake was easy to drink. I think the vanilla shake mix is very adaptable to a lot of add ins.

    I have already 45 pounds doing a similar eating plan with my nutritionist. I consider the Virgin lifestyle the next step to losing a lot of weight.

  20. Jennifer Rose says:

    For the Shakes….The directions read to add 1 scoop….How big/how much is a scoop?

  21. I live in Canada and upon checking the website I noticed we cannot order the protein powder that is recommended. I purchased one from a health food store called Vega One, all-in-one nutritional shake. Is this protein powder acceptable as a substitute?

  22. I also noticed in the Vega One that it has listed 8.6 in the carbohydrate label, but then further in that category it says fibre 6g and sugars 1.5, is this ok to use?

  23. I recently started cycle one. Because your shakes were not available I purchased Thorne VegaLite. Is this shake just for protein. It surely is not a total replacement. I am ordering your complete meal replacement but since it is back ordered needed somewhere to start. Is it acceptable to your complete shake once a day and Thorne once a day for 2 shake goal in cycle one?

  24. Can you please tell me the name of the Blender you use in the Video to make the shakes.
    Many thanks.

  25. I rarely drop responses, however i did some searching and wound up here 5 Reasons to Make Breakfast (or Any Meal) The Virgin Diet All-in-One Shakes JJ Virgin’s ™ Blog. And I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.
    Could it be simply me or does it look like a few of these comments appear like they are left by brain dead
    visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional sites, I would like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post.
    Would you list of all of your public pages like your
    Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  26. It’s great there’s no soy here… but I’m on a migraine prevention diet – which means no pea pods so the pea protein isolate is probably a no-no. If anyone can, I bet your group could develop a quick breakfast for migraine/chronic headache sufferers that avoids all the triggers. I follow the diet in the Heal your Headache book.

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    I’m happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I like a lot of what you say but I do not tolerate yours or other shakes in am very well in my body. I prefer high protein breakfasts, what are other options in real food? thanks.

  32. When I оriginally left a comment I seem to havе clickeԁ the -Notkfy me ωhen
    new comments arе added- checkbox аnd now each time
    a comment iss added I recieve four emails with the same сomment.
    Is thee a meanss you caan remove me frοm that service?


  33. Dear JJ,
    does drinking coffee with coconut oil/fat between meals interfer with your “rule” not to snack? For example between breakfast at 7 and lunch at 1, when I drink coffee with a teespoon of coconut-fat at 11, is that bad?

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