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Happy 4th of July! I have a cool gift for you!…

4th of july guide image

While millions are taking it easy & celebrating with fattening foods, this is actually one of the best days for YOU to lose weight. (Think of it as your mid year New Year's Day :-) ) Whether you want to spice things up with Spice-Rubbed Beef … [Read More...]

5 Easy Ways to Get More Greens…

Put 10 nutritionists in a room and we'll agree about very little. But you know the one thing I can practically guarantee we'll unanimously consent to? Everyone needs to eat more vegetables. When I say vegetables, I'm talking about non-starchy, … [Read More...]

My Secret Weapon for a Great Night’s Sleep…


  I had done everything correctly. I powered down my Macbook by 9 p.m., took a hot bath with some chamomile tea and a well-worn copy of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov -- OK, just kidding; a trashy novel -- and drifted into a … [Read More...]

Why Apple Juice is Worse for You Than Soda…

Pouring a glass of cola

“Apple juice is worse for you than soda,” I declared on social media last week, unleashing a torrent of comments that I was being sensationalistic or overstating my case. Others expressed confusion about why fruit juice, which often parades around in … [Read More...]

Too Hot to Handle: How My New Wellness Blog Created Controversy…

Shocked woman inspecting a nutrition label

My new book, JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook: 150 Low-Sugar Recipes to Help You Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks, received numerous accolades upon its publication last Tuesday, but the real buzz came from a blog I published on … [Read More...]

Fat-Burning Hummus for Your Next Cookout…


Memorial Day initiates the warm-weather season. Like mine, your calendar probably becomes booked with cookouts, BBQs, and other outdoor social functions, most of which inevitably involve food. "I always feel terrified, like I'm about to give a … [Read More...]

My Secret Weapon to Crush Cravings…

Nothing quite satisfies on a hot summer day like lemonade. (I know: Summer's not quite here yet, but I'm really craving the warmth...) Unfortunately, most commercial lemonade varieties come loaded with sugar, and you know better than to use those … [Read More...]

Super Greens Shake: Another Fab Recipe from My Upcoming Cookbook…

"My kids made me breakfast in bed," my friend said, seemingly embarrassed as she recalled yesterday's well-intended but undoubtedly high-sugar impact Mother's Day meal. "It was gluten-free French toast, and they worked really hard on it so I couldn't … [Read More...]

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