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5 Easy Labor Day Upgrades (and a Very Special Offer)…


"The margaritas became my downfall as I toasted summer's farewell," a friend recently confessed, recalling a past Labor Day where the tipsiness of a few drinks "guided" her to the chips and salsa, and from there a giant dietary debacle occurred that … [Read More...]

7 Ways to Fall & Stay Asleep…

"File that under 'bad decisions based on crappy sleep,'" my friend said, referring to a recent breakfast dietary debacle that involved some high-sugar impact monstrosity and a soy latte from a popular place that rhymes with "bar luck." Nothing … [Read More...]

My 7 Must-Have Travel Accessories…

Closeup portrait of a cute young woman sleeping on the bed

"I got quite the deal on a 10-day Maui flight," a friend recently told me, "but travel always unravels my most stalwart fat loss efforts." I get it. I spend about half my year on the road, so I'm well aware how unlikely you are stumbling upon … [Read More...]

Why Exercise Becomes Lousy for Weight Loss…

If you want to lose weight, stop focusing on exercise. Let's be perfectly frank. I’m not telling you not to exercise. I’m the most pro-exercise person on the planet. But for losing weight, most exercise becomes pretty darn lousy. Instead, I … [Read More...]

The 5 Foods You Can Add To Lose Weight…


Today I want to tell you about 5 foods that can help cut your cravings, stop your hunger and fuel your metabolism! Exciting, right?! AND, I'm betting a few of these foods you may have never even thought about… so I recorded a short video (under 4 … [Read More...]

Do I Need the Shake for Fast, Lasting Fat Loss? (No & Here’s Why Not…)…

"You position your All-in-One Shakes for fast, lasting fat loss," a reader recently wrote. "But sometimes I get sick of them. Can I do your Sugar Impact Diet without the shake or any other products?" Others tell me they "don't do shakes" or … [Read More...]

Are Some Sugars Worse than Others? (My Answer Might Surprise You)…

"Big Soda in a froth over proposed new sugar-labeling rules," writes Laurie Tarkan in a recent blog. No kidding. Added sugars and artificial sweeteners have become hot topics, and last week I addressed both issues in Huffington Post … [Read More...]

The Sugar Impact Plate…


Here's my gift to you so you can more easily reduce hunger between meals, create steady sustained energy and help you burn fat for fuel. :-) I want to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need and engaging your fat-burning machinery … [Read More...]

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