Happy 4th of July! I have a cool gift for you!

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While millions are taking it easy & celebrating with fattening foods, this is actually one of the best days for YOU to lose weight. (Think of it as your mid year New Year's Day :-) ) Whether you want to spice things up with Spice-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin with Raw Tomato Salsa and/or Spicy Chicken Burgers, get your veggie on with some Grilled Asparagus and/or Quinoa Salad with Summer Vegetables, and/or healthily indulge with some … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes!


To celebrate, I have a little gift for you so you can stay super healthy this St. Patrick's Day... Not only are all 5 recipes better than beer, they also all have a green color scheme. So, just say NO to green beer this year and say YES to these healthy, delicious green recipes!   If you want to get more green on St. Patrick's Day (and all year round) take a look at this tasty, healthy way to get my recommended 10 servings of … [Read more...]

Aphrodisiac Foods and Valentine’s Recipes

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Enjoy six savory Valentines Day recipes for you and your loved ones in this fun Valentines Recipe Guide plus check out this  "10 Aphrodisiac Foods" list.  Some these foods are like super-boosters that make your sex drive go "WHOA!" :-)   … [Read more...]

In Defense of Wine

In Defense of Wine

In this 10 minute video JJ and Dr. Sara Gottfried are talking all about WINE. They share how wine can help you fight a cold, how a glass of wine a day can make you thinner, and a lot of other great content! … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays! (And 9 Strategies to Ring in 2014 Lean, Happy & Healthy)

Hunger at night

Can you believe the New Year is almost here? I know it sounds cliched to ask, but really, Where does the time go? Amidst the insanity I try to take a few moments to stop, breathe, volunteer, and remember that family and friends are the reason we celebrate. If your calendar is anything like mine, this week and next are insane with family gatherings, get-togethers, brunch dates, and of course New Year's Eve, that massively hedonistic, … [Read more...]

5 Strategies to Minimize (Or Better Yet, Avoid) Cold and Flu Season: My New Huffington Post Blog

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Tis the season for frantic last-minute shopping, uncomfortable visits with in-laws, and my least favorite, cold and flu season. You know that feeling when you're in close proximity to someone, they sneeze or cough or otherwise show a sign of getting a cold, and you immediately think, That will soon be me, and probably this weekend too when I've got two holiday parties plus I need to bake something for... Your mind cranks out a list of … [Read more...]

Just the Essentials: 7 Strategies to Stay Lean & Healthy During the Holidays

Close-up of a back massage.

“The enemy was at the party last night, and I succumbed,” my friend dramatically declared over brunch recently. “You mean that catty receptionist you’re always complaining about?” I asked innocently, vividly imagining an ensuing catfight with my friend. “It was your office party. Of course she would be there.” It turns out the enemy wasn’t a person; it was apple spice cake, a dessert my friend had loved since childhood. “I did so well all … [Read more...]

7 Ideas for Your Most Challenging Holiday Giftees

Preparing a Casserole

“I scored big!” my friend declared, exasperatingly sighing and apologizing for being 30 minutes late to brunch. She then proceeded to describe her loot, which included a food processor, a cashmere-blend coat, and a microwave. I wanted to ask her whether all that frustration was worth her herculean efforts, but I thought better of it and instead complimented her bargaining prowess. I’ve fought the Black Friday crowd in years past, and what I … [Read more...]

Who Needs Green Bean Casserole? 3 Simple, Delicious Thanksgiving Lateral Shifts

JJ feast

My friend was in the midst of a pressing dilemma: should she indulge in sage-sausage stuffing or dutifully abstain? “I was going to do your three-bite rule,” she said, gesticulating at the wide array of carb-heavy foods at our friend’s pre-Thanksgiving brunch, “but I just can’t control myself, especially with the green bean casserole. How are we supposed to follow The Virgin Diet when Thanksgiving means all these, well, diet-unfriendly … [Read more...]

Less Grabbing, More Thanks: My New Huffington Post Blog

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I was walking down the street when I saw the sign: one of my favorite stores was advertising Black Friday. It can't be... I thought. Yeah, it is. It's that time of year, when everyone gathers to eat too much, spend time with family and friends, and everything else Thanksgiving encompasses. It's happening soon, whether we like it or not. Can we all agree this Thanksgiving that we won't surrender to gluttony and engulf everything within … [Read more...]

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