It’s JJ here to share one of my favorite recipes with you.  One of my all time easiest healthy habit recommendations is to start the day off with a shake.  I do this every day no matter where I am. (I travel with my shake mix and a Magic Bullet Blender) and I teach my clients to do the same. I can’t tell you how many emails and Facebook page posts I get from happy people sharing their success from using this strategy.  A quality meal replacement shake gives you steady energy all morning long and keeps you away from those “healthy” muffins that are just adult cupcakes in disguise (and usually come with a mocha latte to accelerate the damage!)

The research shows that people who consistently use meal replacement shakes lose more weight and more importantly, keep it off for the long haul. By starting the day with a shake, you stop the breakfast skipping, another bad habit that sets you up to fail big time. A recent study showed that people who consumed a substantial, balanced breakfast lost more weight than the small breakfast eaters or skippers.  So I have my clients start the day with a shake and if they are looking to bust through a fat loss plateau, intensify a detoxification program or jumpstart their program I have them do 2 shakes a day.  I do 2 shakes a day quite often when I am traveling as it is easier, I don’t spend the big bucks on room service and I know I am getting a healthy meal.

I get asked all of the time for my personal shake recipe so I wanted to share it with you:

JJ’s Basic Shake Recipe

2 scoops DFH PaleoMeal DF*

1-2 tbsp DFH PaleoFiber*

1 cup of frozen organic berries

1 cup So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk

1 packet Emergen-C (I like Tropical, Berry Blue or Raspberry)

Add ice and blend to desired thickness

Note: I do not recommend almond or rice milk, juice or regular milk as they have a big calorie/sugar load without adding much in the way of nutrition.  The only thing besides water that I will add to my shake is a pure green juice, aloe juice or unsweetened coconut milk.  I often will add 1 TBSP of freshly ground flaxseed meal or Chia seeds (I am currently loving Chia seeds!) to 1 TBSP of PaleoFiber.

I’d love to hear what you are putting in your shake and your “shake success story” so be sure to connect with me on my Facebook page at

Best of health!