Category: Desserts


Peach and Berry Coconut Crisp

Try this gluten-free twist on a traditional crisp recipe, and trade the added sugar for the healthy fats in coconut butter. The perfect way to use summer fruit!


Coconut Ice Cream

You don’t need dairy for rich, creamy ice cream! Enjoy this luscious dessert made from coconut milk, plus all its weight loss and health-boosting benefits.


Strawberries and Cream

The famous Wimbledon dessert gets a healthy, delicious makeover with this recipe, featuring crunchy cacao nibs and the probiotic power of cultured coconut milk.


Frozen Chocolate Raspberry Ripple

This simple dessert recipe is full of healthy superfoods, including cacao, raspberries, and coconut oil. It’s quick, tasty, and the perfect way to end a meal!


Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Cacao Nibs

Avocado is the secret to the rich, velvety texture of this chocolate mousse. And this decadent treat won’t spike your blood sugar, unlike the traditional recipe.