Category: Meatless Mains


Confetti Quinoa

Quinoa is a protein-rich, fiber-packed superfood, and this recipe packs in even more flavor and nutrients with a confetti sprinkling of vegetables.


Curried Lentils

Don’t you just love the rich, spiced flavors of Indian food? Enjoy these Curried Lentils as a protein-rich side or a filling vegetarian main dish. (You can adjust the heat to taste.)

Chai Waldorf Salad recipe

Chai Waldorf Salad

Chai Waldorf Salad stars in our Classic Sunday Brunch menu, but it’s a convenient and tasty way to get your protein, fruits, and veggies any time of day!

raw wild rice

Wild Rice and Vegetable Pilaf

Unlike traditional rice, this yummy wild rice dish contains so much protein and fiber, it could easily stand alone as a healthy main dish.


Vegetarian White Chili

Nothing warms you up like a satisfying bowl of chili! This vegetarian recipe is still packed with protein to keep you energized. Try it topped with guacamole and baked brown rice tortilla strips for extra crunch and flavor.