Step Up Your Game for Fast Summer Fat Loss

Sportswoman lungingI recently wrote about my Golden Rules for fat loss and how to accelerate fat loss. The right foods create a stable foundation for fat loss, but other strategies complement and enhance that foundation.

Let’s talk exercise here. As the heat cranks up, so should your workout routine.

When I say crank up your routine, I don’t mean spend more time at the gym or running an extra mile by the lake. If you’ve read my blog about how the wrong exercise can make you fat, you know I’m not a fan of steady-state cardio.

Move More

What I do approve of, though, is moving more. My good friend Dr. Jade Teta says walking isn’t exercise; it’s essential. Your Paleolithic ancestors walked miles every day. They didn’t have hybrid cars or public transportation, nor did they wear super-comfy walking shoes. They walked because they had to.

Every day presents numerous opportunities to move more. Walk your dog around the block. Instead of sitting at a coffee shop, make a park date with your friend.

Stop finding excuses not to move. You’re never going to suddenly have a free hour in your day, so be creative and work it in whenever you can. Do some squats or a plank during TV commercials. Make a rule that you must move for at least five minutes during every work hour rather than stay glued to your laptop. It’s like those bank commercials used to say: It all adds up.

When you move, wear a tracker. What you measure, you can improve. Everything counts, and I want you to squeeze in an hour of walking every day. You can do this with even the busiest schedule.

But let’s be clear: This does not count towards your exercise quota. Walking provides a world of benefits, including reducing your stress hormone cortisol, but it doesn’t build muscle or burn fat.

Intensity becomes key to get lean and toned. You want to get hot and sweaty. It should hurt a little bit (but not too much). That’s my definition of exercise. I want you to move more, but to blast fat you’ve got to step up your game.

My two favorite ways to incorporate intense, fat-blasting exercise include burst training and weight resistance.

Burst to Blast Fat

You can do burst training anywhere. I love the Xiser, my favorite lightweight portable machine that can give you a butt-kicking workout in just minutes a day.

Park hills and hotel stairwells also make great places to do burst training. If you’re on a 10-day Honolulu vacation and don’t want to spend an hour in the hotel gym, find the stairwell or sprint in the sand. You can do burst training nearly everywhere.

I’ve written extensively about burst training’s vast benefits, including turning your body into an all-day fat-burning machine, raising testosterone and other anabolic hormones, and curbing hunger and cravings. Burst training is the ultimate anti-aging hormone because it boosts hormones like growth hormone (GH) and doesn’t keep your stress hormone cortisol ramped up like endurance exercise can.

Lift Heavy

My other favorite exercise is strength training. I still see females shy away from heavy lifting, fearing they will develop bulky arms or otherwise turn into She-Woman. Can we put that myth to rest once and for all? You want to become lean and toned, and strength training is your ticket to get that look.

Muscle is your metabolic Spanx that boosts metabolism, keeps everything together, and gives you a toner tighter look. You can disguise toneless arms and a flabby midsection with bulky sweaters, but you can’t wear Spanx to the beach, right? Eventually you’re going to be outed.

I’ve pulled burst training and weight resistance together in my 4 x 4 Workouts, which you can do in just 15 minutes, three times a week. You can fit an entire week’s intense, fat-burning workouts in under an hour. Don’t believe me? Grab a free 4 x 4 Workout here.

So get moving, because summer will be here before you know it. Do you follow a different fitness routine during warmer weather? And do you have any upcoming trips where you need to become lean and toned quickly? Share your story below or on my Facebook fan page.

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