The Virgin Diet Bars: FAQs (updated to include the Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bar)

photo-56Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bar

Featuring 11g Dietary Fiber & 3g Net Carbs* per bar

JJ’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bar contains a blend of fibers and natural sweeteners that are less prone to affect those with GI sensitivities. Featuring an IMO (isomalto oligosaccharide) vegetable fiber with a host of health benefits. This natural, soluble, prebiotic dietary fiber naturally supports healthy mineral absorption, bowel pH, immune system function, and composition of intestinal microbiota.

Gluten-free and contain no sucrose, fructose or soy protein and are Kosher. They contain only natural sweeteners (inulin, maltitol, stevia and erythritol) that are easily tolerated and less prone to affect those with GI sensitivities.

The generous amounts of coconut and coconut oil greatly contribute to the bar’s immune-boosting properties and provide their moist, creamy, and great-tasting filling.

With a blend of rich dark chocolate for their outer coating, the result is a taste that will even rival a Mounds® bar!

* The “Net Carbs” for one bar are calculated by subtracting the dietary fiber (11g), and other low glycemic carbohydrates including sugar alcohols (4g from maltitol syrup, and 6g from erythritol) from the total carbohydrates (24g). Individuals who monitor their carbohydrate intake may deduct these low glycemic carbohydrates from the “Total Carb” count (in the Nutrition Facts panel) due to their minimal impact on blood sugar levels.

Here are the nutrition facts/ingredients:
Conversion of maltitol syrup and erythritol requires little or no insulin and does not cause a significant increase in serum glucose levels. However, people with diabetes should consult their physician or health professional about including maltitol syrup and erythritol in their daily diet.



Cinnamon Cashew Crunch and Dark Chocolate Cherry Bars

What’s changed about The Virgin Diet Bars?

They are the same exact bars as before: same quality and same great taste. We are simply removing “cycle 1” and “cycle 3” from the bars. They will now be:

  •  The Virgin Diet cinnamon cashew crunch bar
  • The Virgin diet dark chocolate cherry bar

Both bars are suitable for for all three cycles of The Virgin Diet.

Why the change?

We reconsidered and because both bars have 5 grams of added sugar or less per serving, they can work for all 3 cycles of The Virgin Diet.

Are these bars non-GMO?

Yes. Our manufacturer verified both bars only contain non-GMO ingredients.

Which ingredients in the bars are organic?

We spoke to our manufacturer, and they verified the following ingredients are organic:

  •    Organic Cashew Butter
  •    Organic Vegetable Glycerin
  •    Organic Rice Protein
  •    Organic Chia Seeds
  •    Organic Cacao Nibs
  •    Organic Chocolate Chips
  • ·  We have upgraded our Vanilla Extract so that it is now Organic.

Why so much iron in the bars?

The Virgin Diet bars have 7.2 – 8.1 mg of iron in each bar. That might initially sound like a lot (40 – 45% of your RDI), but put it into perspective. One cup of lentils, for instance, contain 6.6 mg of iron. Further, the iron in The Virgin Diet Bars is non-heme iron, which is not as well absorbed as heme iron. Simply put: iron in The Virgin Diet Bars should not be a problem for most people.

I noticed my bars expire in just 6 months. Why the short shelf life?

The Virgin Diet Bar is made with fresh ingredients and no fractionated oils or other preservatives. You’ll notice our ingredients list is very “clean,” unlike most bars with artificial sweeteners and preservatives that have a shelf life of years.

You say no snacking and yet these are snack bars. How can I eat these bars “responsibly”?

I never say no snacking, but rather to do your meals right and then snack only when you need to. The Virgin Diet Bars are designed for a healthy occasional snack, an emergency food, or when you want something satisfying for dessert without all the added sugar.

These bars are dose dependent, and too much healthy food becomes unhealthy. Enjoy responsibly!

If you are using the bars for snacking, you may only need half a bar. For a mini-meal or emergency food (say, when you’re stranded at the airport), you can have a whole bar if you need it.

What’s up with all the fat in these bars?

Most of The Virgin Diet Bar’s fat comes from organic cashew butter, which is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Walnuts and organic chia seeds also provide anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. These fats are satiating, healthy, and give the bars a rich, satisfying taste.

I just had my first Virgin Diet bar and got crumbs all over the place. Why so crumbly?

Coating a bar holds it together and prevents crumbling. We opted not to coat our bars since most coatings are made from dairy, soy, and/or fractionated oils. Try storing the bars in your fridge to reduce crumbliness.

I noticed the bars contain honey, and sugar is listed in the ingredients. I thought The Virgin Diet was a no-sugar diet?

I wrote a blog explaining why The Virgin Diet is low-glycemic, not a no-sugar diet. You are allowed up to 5 grams of sugar per serving. I have kept The Virgin Diet Bars very low sugar to meet my 5-grams-or-less criteria. The fiber in these bars also helps buffer out the trivial amounts of added sugar.

Are your bars non-GMO?

Yes. The rice, soy lecithin, and other ingredients are not genetically modified (GMO).

Why does the chocolate cherry bar have soy in it? 

Soy lecithin works as an emulsifier for the chocolate cherry bar, meaning it helps mix oil and water mix together, something they otherwise could never do since oil is a fat and does not behave well in water. Soy lecithin also helps stabilize these bars and make them consistent.

Typically the protein component of soy creates problems. Because soy lecithin is a fat, it does not typically create those problems, and the non-GMO soy lecithin in these bars do not typically create reactions.

Why does it say your bars may have traces of soy, dairy, gluten, and other reactive ingredients?

The Virgin Diet Bars are completely free of gluten, soy (other than soy lecithin), dairy, egg, peanuts, and artificial sweeteners. The plant that manufacturers these bars also processes foods that contain soy, dairy, and gluten, so they must add this disclaimer to the wrapper.

The manufacturer thoroughly cleans their machines between each run to prevent cross-contamination. Rest assured these are the highest-quality bars you can purchase from an ethically minded manufacturer.

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