3 Things No One Ever Tells You About Going Keto

Changing your eating plan to the ketogenic diet is not as simple as saying the words out loud, or even eating the “right” things. You are about to embark on a personal science project, so give yourself some serious kudos and know that this is a very real challenge!

Remember that you will be asking your body to perform a complex physiological switch to metabolizing fats (ketones) instead of carbohydrates (glucose). So below are three ways you can uncomplicate the process of starting your keto cycle. 

Note: You won’t find meal plans or tips for how to cut carbs here. But you will start to understand how you can lay the groundwork for an exciting experiment, instead of creating unnecessary stress for yourself.

Ready for a smooth journey into ketosis? Read on to find out three things you must know before going keto, so you can maintain your social life and stay on track with your eating plan…

1. Communication Is Key

Help the people around you understand how to support your healthy choices.  

Starting any new diet involves weeks of retraining your brain. You may get “hangry” or have to drown out the inner demons that tell you to give up and binge on a box of doughnuts. 

Sometimes the line between diet success and giving up is paper thin. And the support of your community is essential to staying the course!

Remember that your family and friends are not mind readers – as inconvenient as that may be. 

We are social creatures, and guess what? A huge part of socializing is sharing meals. So how do you change a fundamental part of yourself without losing the parts of your identity that lift you up and make you stronger?

Start by letting your close community know that you’re going to be eating keto for a few weeks or months to reset your system. Explain to your family why you might need to bring your own food or step out of the room if they’re having pasta or cookies. 

Or tell your friends that while you would LOVE to join them for dinners out, you would also love to help pick the restaurant. That way you can suggest a spot that can accommodate keto. 

Read the menu online and choose your dishes ahead of time so you can enjoy your meal, rather than feeling like a starving detective hunting for options.

(Looking for more ways to ease yourself into keto? Try this blog: What to Do Before You Go Keto)

2. Find New Favorite Foods

Taste-test your menu so you know how to satisfy your cravings.

Having all new food options can be exciting! You’ll be trying new things so that your diet stays interesting and varied. That said, changing your eating style is already asking your body to accept a new normal, so the fewer surprises, the better.

In preparation for cycling into ketosis, go to the store with a shopping list of keto foods and a couple of delicious recipes to try out. Keto Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings” and 5-Ingredient Paleo Chocolate Almond Butter Cups are a great start!

Figure out what your favorite new meals and treats will be before you start, so you have them at the ready when you’re hungry. Knowing exactly what will satisfy you will put you light years ahead.

Remember, a successful diet is not about limiting your enjoyment of food, but rather finding new foods to enjoy. 

You are more likely to succeed if you have healthy meals to crave instead of falling into the trap of dreaming about high-carb, high-sugar foods.

3. Give Your Pantry & Fridge a Makeover  

Rid yourself of temptation so you reach for healthy choices.

Now that you’ve discovered keto groceries and recipes you enjoy, it’s typically time to toss any food in your home that’s not on the approved list. The problem is there’s a good chance not everyone in your home is ready to cut back on all those carbs!

A simple solution is to designate space for keto foods so you don’t see things you’re choosing not to eat. Notice the word “choosing” – not “can’t.” For most of us, keto is a choice and an empowered choice at that!

Assign yourself your very own keto-friendly cabinet. That way, you can better avoid foods that aren’t part of your eating plan! And you won’t find yourself having to move that loaf of bread out of your way on Day Two, when your body is screaming for a sandwich as you’re reaching for the jar of coconut oil. 

You can also ask to move your partner’s or kiddos’ goodies out of your keto drawers in the fridge or to their own shelf so those temptations aren’t glaring at you every time you open the door. 

In time, you can introduce even more tips and tricks to help resist those cravings. But when you’re starting a new routine, setting yourself up for success ahead of time can be the difference between a difficult experience and a happy one! 

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