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Feel Better Fast: Try the Free 7-Day Stop, Drop & Swap Challenge

When’s the last time you genuinely felt great?

Energized, pain-free, happy with your weight and your health…

If your answer isn’t “today,” then let's change that!

Join me for the free 7-Day Stop, Drop & Swap Challenge, and I’ll give you the resources you need to feel better FAST.

Click the link above to join now, and I’ll send you free videos, meal plans, recipes, and tools to help you:

  1. STOP uncomfortable symptoms like stubborn weight gain, joint pain, fatigue, headaches, skin breakouts, and gas and bloating.
  1. DROP the 7 foods most likely to cause intolerances and inflammation.
  2. SWAP out those problem foods for delicious, healthy options that are a breeze to make and taste even better!  

“Three days is all it took, and I was hooked. I had never felt better in my life! I never felt hungry, I never craved anything, I never thought about food. My headaches went away, I was sleeping better, my skin looked better, I had energy and knew there was something life-changing about this….” ~ Ashley W.*

[vimeo-video-std id=”241581856″]

The reason I can confidently promise you that this challenge will work is because it’s based on my first New York Times bestseller, The Virgin Diet.

I know you can stop uncomfortable symptoms like stubborn weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, and gut issues by dropping the 7 foods most likely to cause intolerance and swapping them for yummy, healthy options.

As I guided hundreds of thousands of people through this transformation, I realized you can change your life in 7 days. And the 7-Day Stop, Drop & Swap Challenge was born…

Whether you’re looking for a way to jumpstart weight loss or say goodbye to the health issues that hold you back, this life-changing challenge is for you!

Click to start your FREE 7-Day Stop, Drop & Swap Challenge now…

“Before I started JJ's plan, I remember saying to her, “I think I look pretty good for 48 years old.” And she said, “Why not just look good, period?” I saw that I’d been settling for second best… I love how fast the weight fell off!”  ~ Pamela B.*

Don’t settle for a “normal” that includes feeling exhausted and unhappy with your weight or your health. You can find a new normal, and I’ll show you how to do it in just 7 days!

This challenge is my gift to you because I believe in helping you take your health into your own hands.

I believe YOU are your own best health detective and advocate – all you need are the resources to do it! Join the 7-Day Challenge now, and find out how good you can really feel…

My team and I are available to help anytime you need it! Reach out on Facebook or Instagram or email us at info@jjvirgin.com.


*Your results may vary. Everyone’s body and experience is different.

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