Top 8 Tips for Younger, Healthier Skin

by JJ Virgin on July 13, 2017

Young, vibrant skin: everyone wants it, and billions of dollars are spent each year trying to get it! Anti-aging products line the store shelves, while magazine headlines promise the latest secrets for staying young.  

The real secrets to great skin are about much more than the products you use. If you are sleep-deprived, stressed out, and engaging in a little “ice cream therapy,” your skin is going to show it!

Never fear – there are steps you can take to defy your age and have smooth, glowing skin. By taking care of yourself on the inside as well as the outside, you can have an amazing complexion for years to come.


Read on to find out my top tips to love the skin you’re in…

  1. Nontoxic sunscreen. Long gone are the days of lying under the hot sun covered in baby oil to enhance your tan! With 90% of skin cancers caused by exposure to the sun, sunscreen is critical for protecting your skin from sun damage that can result in aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer.1,2 Be sure to choose nontoxic sunscreen – some common sunscreen chemicals can affect your hormones and trigger allergic reactions.3
  1. Skincare routine. Your skin has the amazing ability to defend you from the outside world by fighting off dirt, germs, and pollutants. Cleansing the skin makes sure these bad guys don’t stick around for too long! Exfoliating and moisturizing are also important to remove dead skin cells, stimulate new cell growth, and prevent your skin from drying out.4 Three simple steps to great skin!
  1. Diet. High-sugar impact foods and dairy can wreak havoc on your skin, increasing inflammation and triggering changes in your hormones that can lead to acne.5,6 Instead, turn to antioxidant-rich foods to combat inflammation and protect your cells from damage and aging.7,8  Packed with antioxidants, you’ll be well on your way to clearer, younger-looking skin with these 7 Powerful Anti-Aging Foods!
  1. Exercise. Burst training (a.k.a. high-intensity interval training) is one of the best ways to raise HGH, a key hormone in the production of collagen.9 Collagen is an important protein that gives skin its strength, elasticity, and firmness. (Need help building an age-defying workout? Burst your way to ageless skin with my convenient, affordable Fast Fitness Online Program…)
  1. Water. As the main component in your skin cells, water is essential for healthy skin! Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your skin hydrated and smooth, it also helps your entire body to perform at its best!10 Find out if you’re meeting your daily quota, and add some pizzazz to your H2O with a tasty glass of infused water!
  1. Sleep. There’s truth in the term “beauty sleep”! Research shows that lack of sleep ages your skin and weakens your skin’s ability to repair itself.11 Plus, sleep deprivation can interfere with your stress hormones and lead to sugar cravings, which causes even bigger problems!12 Sleep better with these 7 easy strategies

  1. Addressing stress. Ever notice your skin start to break out right before a big event? That’s because stress hormones play a major part in the development of acne by increasing the production of “sebum,” an oily substance that can lead to clogged pores and blemishes.13Keep your sense of calm with these top stress-busting tips.
  1. Hormone balance. Did you know that estrogen is key for younger-looking skin? As we age, decreased levels of collagen lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Estrogen boosts collagen, slowing the signs of aging and improving your skin.14 

Remember, your skin is a reflection of your diet and lifestyle, not just what you see in the mirror. When you follow these steps, not only will you look years younger, you will feel more youthful and energetic, too!

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