Cavemen and Cortisol: How Stress Can Kill

Your body’s instinct for self-preservation is a beautiful thing. You have hundreds of built-in chemical responses ready to help you through the hard times. And when it comes to finding the energy and strength you need to survive stress, cortisol is your number one ally.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone produced by your adrenal system, and it’s responsible for so many important tasks:1-4

  • maintaining your sleep schedule
  • signaling you to feel hungry or full
  • deciding your mood
  • determining whether you burn fat or build muscle

How Cortisol Saved Us in the Past

For your ancient ancestors, extra cortisol and adrenaline were lifesavers! Stress hormones helped create the sudden burst of speed they needed if they were being chased by a wild animal. (Or doing the chasing themselves…)

Their adrenal systems had the smarts to make more cortisol during the winter, so they could hang on to body fat when mealtimes were less predictable. Cortisol production also increased during times of intensive hunting and harvest – that helped your ancestors stay awake when their energy and stamina mattered most.

Why It Can Kill Us Now

Unfortunately, today’s world simulates those times of stress and deprivation 24/7. As you juggle a hectic schedule and family obligations, your body gets the message that you’re in constant danger and produces more cortisol to protect you.

Every time you make a rushed visit to the drive-thru or climb out of bed before you’re well-rested, your body assumes you need more cortisol to survive the hard times. The result? Anxiety and depression, trouble sleeping, a huge appetite, and extra belly fat that won’t budge.

That additional cortisol also increases inflammation, putting you at risk for a major illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders.5 Addressing your stress can save your life.

What to Do About It

You’re not a caveman in danger, and it’s time your body got the message! The same chemical responses that proved essential in the past can actually cost you your life now. Chronically elevated stress hormones like cortisol can leave you overweight, sick, and sleep-starved and put you at risk for serious disease.

If stress is interfering with your moods, sleep, appetite, or weight loss, you need to hit the reset button. It’s so important to make food, exercise, and lifestyle choices that support healthy stress hormone levels. Read the Top 6 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress to find out more about exactly what you can do.

I also consider smart supplementation key to good health. If the symptoms above describe you too well, consider adding Stress Reset to your daily routine. The botanicals, vitamins, and minerals in this powerful vegetarian supplement can help restore your natural balance of stress hormones so your body can manage stress safely and healthily.*

Just remember, no supplement is a substitute for healthy diet, sleep, and exercise! If you want to know more, don’t forget to download your free Stress Relief Guide below, with even more helpful tips, facts, and recipes.

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