Your Holiday Party Menu & Guide

by JJ Virgin on December 23, 2016

Email some invites and put on the holiday tunes because it’s time to party! Music, food, fun, and friends make for great holiday memories.

The menu below gives you plenty of yummy eats to choose from, whether you’re hosting or bringing something to share. You can feel good knowing you’re treating your guests and yourself to amazing flavors and healthy ingredients. And no worries if there’s leftovers: these dishes do double-duty as a great lunch or dinner the day after.

Holiday Party Menu

Holiday Party Tips & Tricks

  • Try an open house. Short on space, but worried you’ll offend by not inviting all your neighbors, coworkers, or family? Instead of a dinner party, host a holiday open house over a period of 3-4 hours. Guests can drop by and leave when it’s most convenient for them. That way the numbers stay more manageable, the atmosphere is casual, and people are more likely to attend.  
  • Don’t forget to decorate. The holidays are the perfect time to break out all the shiny, sparkly things. There’s no such thing as too many twinkling lights or unscented candles! For quick and easy bling, set out bowls of glass ornaments. Pile cake stands with fresh flowers or mounds of clementines and whole nuts. Have a set of china you never use? Those plates can star as serving dishes to make your holiday table feel special.
  • Be sure to attend your own party. It’s no fun for anyone when the host spends the whole party stressed and scurrying around the kitchen! All the recipes listed above can be made ahead so you’re free to enjoy the party. For the champagne cocktails, mix up a large batch of the vodka and juice mixture before guests arrive, then provide bottles of sparkling water, an ice bucket, and glasses so everyone can mix their own bubbly.

A very happy holiday season to you and yours! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and share pics of your recipes!