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Lunch at the Beach Menu & Guide

by JJ Virgin on August 7, 2016

Nothing’s better than a day at the beach! You know to be generous with the sunscreen, but covering your nutritional bases is just as important.

The dishes below are all full of protein and healthy fats to help boost your energy and balance your blood sugar. They’re also portable, delicious, and the perfect way to celebrate time together and make great memories.

Lunch at the Beach Menu

Tips & Activities for Beach Fun

  • Take your seashell collection to the next level and make a fun beach memento. Searching for seashells is fun for both kids and grown-ups. Not so fun? Trying to get all those shells home without interfering with local wildlife or making a stinky mess of your suitcase! Instead of keeping all the shells you find, use them to create a temporary mosaic on the sand. Build pretty geometric shapes or try something more challenging, like a fish or seahorse. Snap plenty of pics, then let each person choose one special shell to make the trip home.
  • Here’s an easy tip to keep plenty of cold water on hand all day: instead of loading up your cooler with ice, use frozen bottles of water. It’ll help keep your food cold until you eat, then as they thaw, you can stay well-hydrated for all the sandy fun.
  • Want a fun game for all ages? Have a Beach Ball Relay! The rules are easy: using any part of the body except their hands, two people race to carry a beach ball across the finish line before their opponents. Drop the ball? Go chase it, but don’t use your hands to pick it back up!
  • Play fun and speedy Sand Pictionary. When the tide’s out, a sandy beach is the perfect canvas for an exciting game of Pictionary. Make a list of summertime fun words to draw. (There’s some suggestions below to get you started.) Let the artist sketch in the wet sand with a stick or their hand while everyone guesses. Then just wait for the waves to clear the “board” and start the next round!
    • Sand Pictionary Words:
      • sand castle
      • surfboard
      • sunshine
      • seahorse
      • starfish
      • crab
      • seashell
      • watermelon
      • fireworks
      • picnic basket

Have a wonderful day at the beach! If you try the recipes, don’t forget to comment below and share your beachy pics on our Facebook page.

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