Get Rid of Over 40 Fat with JJ Virgin – #332

JJ shares with the audience six factors to have under consideration while being over 40 and trying to get rid of fat. Your body is different at different ages, and your approach towards health needs to be different too. Cortisol levels, stress hormones, insulin resistance, digestion, metabolism, stress and sex hormones are some of the topics discussed in this succulent show. Find out why exercising more and eating less does not work out!

Key Takeaways:
[1:05] Exercising more and eating less does not work out.
[2:30] Over 40 years old, the way to get rid of fat is different than when you are in your 20s or 30s.
[2:56] First factor: How Cortisol levels affect your body.
[4:18] Second factor: Stress hormone can make you keep fat around your belly.
[5:33]Third factor: How does insulin resistance intervene in your body functions?
[7:46] Fourth factor: Digestion matters to break down proteins well and get the nutrients your body needs.
[8:41] Fifth: Is your metabolism really slowing down with aging?
[9:33] Burst and resistance training is a key.
[10:38] Sixth factor: Sex hormone balance also affects women, especially at 40.
[12:28] Promoting hormone balance can be achieved through your diet: protein, fat and fiber choices.
[13:38] Manage your stress through tapping, laughing, walking your dog, taking time for your meals.
[15:10] Your breakfast sets the pace for your entire day. Start with a Shake!
[16:10] What do you do to manage stress when you can't avoid it?
[17:50] Gratitude, tapping, and nutrients can keep your stress levels low.

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