Head Strong with Dave Asprey – #141

Dave Asprey shares his personal experience battling with weight issues and many diseases at a very young age, realizing that guilt and willpower will only take him so far.  Dave discovered through researching and understanding that his troubles were in the mitochondria, the center of the energy of each cell. Dave Asprey is launching his book “Head Strong,” and gives us many tips to start feeding mitochondria correctly, fighting illness, improving your life in general, and also losing weight as a byproduct. Does this sound interesting? Listen to this show, and receive a special gift from Dave to begin to understand why it has been so hard to stay on track all these years!


Key Takeaways:
[:40] Dave Asprey’s career briefing.
[2:01] New book, “Head strong.” Why did Dave Asprey decide to write this book?
[3:27] How do you turn around your habits so that cravings are not an issue anymore?
[6:01] How your mitochondria is deciding for you. How to start feeding it the right way.
[8:24] How can you tell if your mitochondria are working efficiently?
[9:30] The mitochondrial dysfunction is causing lots of current increasing diseases.
[10:53] In a two-week program you can see improvements, like sleeping better, stopping cravings, less anxiety, and losing weight, among other changes.
[12:06] The neurons in your brain are craving fat; you can stop them.
[14:09] How to get less inflammation and more energy.
[15:15] Everyday go through three things you are grateful for. Gratitude takes your body out of “fight or flight” mode.
[16:43] First chapter of “Head Strong,” free for the audience.
[17:18] Lose weight faster with extra fiber.
[18:15] How do you get more energy?
[20:01] The keys are having steady sustained energy, making sure your gut is working well, and that you are getting a good night’s sleep.

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