Tips and Tools to Prevent & Reverse Autoimmune Conditions Naturally 

In today’s podcast episode, functional medicine certified health coach Palmer Kippola shares how she beat multiple sclerosis (MS) and what you can do prevent and reverse autoimmune disease! Listen as Palmer talks about the root causes and triggers of autoimmune disease, as well as her personal journey to overcome MS. Palmer also shares the holistic healing framework she used to eliminate symptoms, and how these empowering strategies can help you take back your health!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. One morning, Palmer woke up with tingling in her feet that started to spread to her legs. Palmer was diagnosed with MS and over the next six weeks, her body went numb from her chin to her toes.

2. In Palmer’s book, Beat Autoimmune, she shares the strategies that she has used to reverse her MS symptoms. Palmer hasn’t had a single symptom of MS since October of 2010.

3. Palmer offers a holistic framework for healing that is represented by the acronym F.I.G.H.T.S. The lifestyle factors that are the root causes of autoimmune conditions and the sources of regaining health are the following: Food, Infections, Gut Health, Hormone Balance, Toxins, and Stress.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:43] Palmer Kippola’s career briefing

[1:23] Listener shout-out

[2:25] Welcoming Palmer to the show

[3:16] Palmer’s personal journey with autoimmune disease

[5:11] Why “nothing” and “always” shouldn’t be used in medicine

[6:26] For the next six weeks after her initial diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, Palmer experienced complete numbness from her chin to her toes.

[7:23] One family friend asked, “Palmer, why do you think that you got MS?”

[8:50] Palmer’s experience as a warrior child and how that affected her

[10:38] Thoughts are things and they can create.

[11:20] Palmer wants to convey that it’s really helpful to reframe the things that happen “to” us as, “What if this is happening for us?”

[12:20] Palmer spent the next three decades working on how to dampen stress.

[13:07] What happened next for Palmer

[14:02] Palmer noticed that when she was stressed, she would have a flare-up.

[15:46] Palmer hasn’t had a single symptom of MS since October of 2010.

[15:57] Things that Palmer tried along the way to reverse her symptoms and how they worked

[16:16] There are 98 medications that we know of that can induce lupus.

[17:36] In 2010, Palmer made an appointment with a functional nutritionist and discovered that she was highly sensitive to gluten.

[18:01] The link between gluten and leaky gut

[19:30] Results of Palmer’s follow-up testing

[20:30] How discovering one’s food intolerances has been shown to help with autoimmune symptoms

[22:26] Start by adding in one healthy habit at a time.

[23:15] Key takeaways from Palmer’s book, Beat Autoimmune

[23:32] Our lifestyle and environmental factors matter more than our genes.

[24:10] What is the autoimmune equation?

[26:12] Why it’s important to fix the foundation first

[26:55] Studies show that trauma in childhood doesn’t stay in childhood.

[28:15] Palmer’s F.I.G.H.T.S. acronym: Food, Infections, Gut Health, Hormone Balance, Toxins, and Stress

[29:10] How Palmer addresses the F.I.G.H.T.S. acronym in her book

[30:15] How to get Palmer’s free Optimal Food Guide and what it’s about

[32:55] JJ’s top takeaways from today’s episode

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