Dr. Izabella Wentz started to research about thyroid disease after being diagnosed with a debilitating thyroid condition. Listening to this podcast to see if you have symptoms of thyroid disease, find the possible causes, and learn fast and easy tips to detoxify your body. Healthy thyroid function is crucial to every aspect of your health, so listen today and start working toward a healthier, happier version of yourself!

Key Takeaways:
[1:08] Izabella Wentz´s career
[2:09] How Izabella turned her own life around after being diagnosed with a thyroid condition
[4:35] What is Hashimoto's disease about?
[6:06] Rates of thyroid diseases have been increasing over the last years.
[6:36] Hypothyroidism makes you slow down.
[7:15] What is going on in your life that makes you feel your body and you are in danger?
[7:38] Women have more problems because of all the products they use.
[8:51] Impaired detoxification
[9:10] If your liver is not working properly, this triggers thyroid disease.
[10:53] What is something you can do to start detoxification?
[11:07] Lemon juice
[11:33] Get fluoride filter
[12:52] Go on a personal care routine.
[14:00] Organic food and detoxifying food
[15:45] What is the one thing Isabella does that makes the biggest difference in her life?
[15:56] Enough sleep and love yourself
[17:31] Address your vulnerability.
[17:41] Nutrient depletion.
[19:21] Diet quick start guide.
[20:08] Jjvirgin.com/thyroid
[20:53] Lose fat fast.
[21:01] JJVirgin.com
[21:26] Listeners’ questions.
[21:40] What can you do about fatigue?
[22:42] Get to the root cause of your fatigue.
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