JJ’s Gluten Rant – #331

Why Eating Gluten-Free Is Healthy: How CNN Got It Wrong

In today's podcast episode, JJ debunks a recent CNN article that came out claiming a gluten-free diet isn't healthy for everyone. Listen as JJ explains the truth about gluten and leaky gut, including how gluten consumption can cause intestinal permeability in all individuals, which can then put you at risk for autoimmune disease. JJ also clears up the confusion about going gluten-free and shares her top tips on how to create balanced gluten-free meals. Find out why eating gluten-free is not only beneficial for everyone, it’s essential to protecting your health!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. CNN claims that not everyone benefits from going gluten-free. In fact, studies show that gluten consumption causes intestinal permeability in ALL individuals, regardless of whether or not they have celiac disease.

2. When JJ first started looking at food sensitivity testing, she noticed about 40% of the people were showing some type of gluten intolerance. Since then, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people feel better by eliminating gluten from their diet.

3. When you eat gluten, you put yourself at risk for leaky gut, which has been proven to cause autoimmune disease. Not only is eating gluten-free advantageous for everyone, it’s essential to protecting your health!

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:22] The inspiration behind today’s podcast episode

[1:52] Listener shout-out

[3:50] A recent CNN article claims that not everyone benefits from going gluten-free.

[4:10] Studies show that gluten consumption causes intestinal permeability in all individuals.

[5:45] Diagnosing celiac disease

[7:20] One of JJ’s client’s experiences with removing gluten from her diet

[8:30] The discomforts that gluten can cause

[9:05] Eliminating gluten doesn’t put you at risk for nutrient deficiencies if you’re eating a healthy diet.

[10:25] Gluten-free junk food is never a healthy option.

[11:25] Cutting out gluten isn’t going to stop you from discovering another problem food.

[12:25] The connection between gluten, leaky gut, and autoimmune disease

[13:30] Safety Net can help you break down problem proteins like gluten.

[14:20] Starting your day with the right breakfast sets the metabolic tone for the day. The perfect and easiest way to do this is with JJ’s All-In-One Protein Shakes!

[15:30] Listener’s question: Which gluten-free breads can I use?

[16:15] The best gluten-free products are the ones that don’t need to say “gluten-free.”

[16:45] Be careful with dry carbs!

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