Science-Based Hacks to Defy Aging & Boost Longevity with Ben Greenfield – #315

Tips & Tools to Help You Live a Long, Healthy Life

Ben Greenfield is a human performance consultant, Ironman triathlete, and New York Times bestselling author. In today's podcast episode, he shares his top biohacking tips to help you put the brakes on aging and improve your health! Listen as Ben reveals the point at which exercise can become harmful, as well as the types and amount of exercise that can help increase longevity. Ben also explains what your mitochondria are and why they matter, plus how to improve the health of your mitochondria by using simple strategies that you can incorporate into your everyday life. And you don't want to miss what's new on the horizon in the field of longevity, including the groundbreaking uses of peptides. Find out Ben's anti-aging secrets that can help you live a long, vibrant life!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. There are many different pathways in the body that are involved in aging. That’s why Ben uses a variety of different strategies to help fight aging and boost longevity.

2. Your mitochondria are responsible for energy production in your body. One way to improve your mitochondrial health is through grounding, which can be done by walking barefoot outside or lying down in your backyard to read a book.

3. Peptides are small chains of amino acids that can be used to target certain effects in the body. Certain peptides have been shown to help with joint health, the immune system, and neurodegeneration.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:20] Introduction to today’s episode

[2:52] Ben Greenfield’s career briefing

[4:16] Listener shout-out

[5:17] Answering a listener’s question

[6:08] One of the number one reasons people have food intolerances is due to a leaky gut. Try JJ Virgin’s Leaky Gut Support!

[6:54] Welcoming Ben to the podcast

[8:41] How Ben became interested in the field of longevity

[9:08]  When the onset of aging typically occurs

[10:49] Around the age of 30, Ben noticed that his poor dietary habits were beginning to catch up with him.

[13:24] At what point can exercise become harmful?

[16:22] The relationship between the aerobic threshold and inflammation

[18:57] Ben began to investigate the impact of repeatedly exposing the body to small amounts of stress in order to induce resilience and enhance longevity.

[19:43] Strategies to improve the health of the immune system

[22:11] How often do you need to exercise to increase longevity?

[22:47] The link between walking speed and longevity

[24:44] How to de-age your heart by timing your walking speed to your heart rate

[26:30] Ben’s anti-aging hacks for improving your grip strength and preventing incontinence

[28:07] What are mitochondria?

[28:56] Tips to improve the health of your mitochondria: grounding, infrared light, cold, and heat

[31:42] What is the perfect sleeping temperature?

[32:37] How getting trace minerals in your diet can boost mitochondrial health

[34:11] Are there tests that can assess mitochondrial function?

[35:57] Clues that your mitochondria are operating better: breath hold time

[38:12] What’s on the horizon in the field of longevity?

[38:54] Certain peptides have been shown to help with joint health, the immune system, and neurodegeneration. Peptides mentioned include TB-500, BPC-157, Epitalon, Humanin, MOTS-c, and Semax.

[40:31] CBD and delta sleep-inducing peptide can help increase deep sleep cycles.

[42:26] How to get Ben’s free Guide to Longevity eBook

[42:50] Ben’s book, Beyond Training and SuperhumanRX, will be coming out in the near future.

[43:48] JJ’s top action steps from today’s episode

[44:53] Exercise: more is not better.

[46:05] As you strengthen one area, other areas get strong along with it.

[46:12] Lowering the temperature in your bedroom at night can help promote sleep.

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