Should You Supplement with Psyllium Husk? – #382

 Answering Community Questions with JJ Virgin

It’s time for another Q&A! Today JJ answers a question from listener Margot who asks, “What are your thoughts on psyllium husks?” Psyllium husks are a great source of fiber, which has a huge amount of healthy benefits. JJ also discusses additional sources of fiber, through supplementation or food, as well as recommendations for how much fiber you should consume each day. Listen in today for this information-packed podcast!

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:21] Margot asked for JJ’s thoughts on psyllium husks

[1:30] Fiber’s many benefits

[2:22] How much fiber you should be eating

[3:45] Psyllium husk is great, but eating this kind of fiber is even better.

[5:03] Getting fiber from food is just one avenue. You can also supplement to increase your intake to JJ’s recommended amount.

[5:30] Fiber-containing foods

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