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white russian
white russian

Bulletproof White Russian


June 30, 2017

Enjoy a delicious dairy-free White Russian made with Bulletproof coffee and none of the usual problem ingredients or toxins. Healthier and tastier than the original!

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Yields: 1 Serving


6 oz. brewed and chilled Bulletproof coffee

3 oz. unsweetened coconut milk

2 oz. vodka

1/4 tsp real vanilla extract

dash JJ Virgin Sprinkles (or to taste)


1Stir together the coffee, coconut milk, vodka, vanilla, and Virgin Sprinkles in a glass tumbler.

2Add ice cubes and drink up!

3(For a non-alcoholic version, just substitute more coffee for the vodka.)

*JJ Virgin Sprinkles bring all the sweetness and none of the sugar! To get your own, head to our store.

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