The Sugar Impact Diet

Resources To Support You


Reading The Sugar Impact Diet Is A Whirlwind Of Information

…but don’t worry. JJ has provided you everything you need to determine your starting point so that you’ll know what to expect and how long to spend in Cycle One. Download and complete the documents below BEFORE you start the diet.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Now that you’ve determined your starting point, get clear on where you want to go from here and how it will feel once you get there!

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Weight & Measurements

What you can measure, you can improve! Track your weight and measurements from the start. You’ll be glad you did! JJ also suggests that you take a “before” photo because once you lost the weight you will want to have the old & new photos side by side.

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Quiz: Are You A Sugar Burner Or A Fat Burner?

JJ talks about the difference between being a sugar burner and a fat burner. You’ll want to know which one you are as you head into Cycle One. If you are a sugar burner and your rate high on the Sugar Impact Quiz, an extra week in Cycle One may serve you well.

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Sneaky Sugar Inventory

You will be surprised the diverse and numerous ways sugar gets into our diet under chemical names and in dressings and sauces. Take the Sneaky Sugar Inventory to get clear on all the places you’re taking in sugar, probably without even knowing it.

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Sugar Impact Quiz

Take the Sugar Impact Quiz now to determine how long you will be in the TAPER phase of Cycle One. Remember, this isn’t a race. Taking an extra week in Cycle One will save you a lifetime of struggle. Do it right the first time!

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On The Sugar Impact Diet

If you’ve taken the quizzes and your starting measurements using the documents above, you now know where you are starting from and it is time to gather the tools that will help you get to where you want to go on your path to health. Below you will find the foundational documents that will guide you through the Sugar Impact Diet. The section following this will help you dial in to deal with specific challenges and customize the diet to fit your eating style.

Party Meal Plan

Intensity Meal Plan

Family Meal Plan

Budget Meal Plan

Athlete Meal Plan

TVD Meal Plan

EWG’s Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Suggested Supplements

Fighting Candida (Quiz & Guidance)

Dining Out Guide

Paleo Guide

Vegan Guide

Blood Sugar Control Guide


Your Sugar Impact Diet Experience

Below are resources for common challenges and customizations that might be helpful to tweak the Sugar Impact Diet to work even better for you. Whether you are on a special diet, dealing with high stress levels, fighting candida, or need the support and accountability of group or personal coaching, JJ has support that can help this diet work for you.

Sugar Impact Diet Approved Bars

What I Look for in a Shake

Staples Shopping List

Sugar Impact Scales

Daily Journal

Sugar Impact Clock

Sugar Impact Plate

Conversion Guide

The Virgin Diet Cookbook To The Sugar Impact Diet Conversion Guide

Love the Virgin Diet Cookbook? No worries, you can still enjoy those delicious and easy recipes with only minor revisions for some Cycles. Since The Virgin Diet was low in sugar, most of the recipes can be used as-is. Those that require modifications are easy with the Conversion Guide JJ has created for you!