Fast, Lasting Spring Fat Loss Starts with these 5 Strategies


"The calendar says spring, but it's 30 degrees and snowing right now," a Chicago friend recently said over the phone, obviously disgruntled late March didn't deliver the warm climate she adamantly craved. Even if the current weather offers no imminent signs, blossoming tulips and other signs of warmer temperatures will soon be here. Along with warmth comes sleeveless attire and beach season. If ditching that stubborn winter weight now to … [Read more...]

My #1 Fast, Lasting Fat Loss Needle Mover


No contest: A protein shake is your not-so-secret weapon for fast, lasting fat loss. Breakfast becomes the ideal time for a protein shake, but even if you’re on the go or stranded at your office, you can conveniently whip one up to balance your blood sugar and give you steady sustained energy for hours. Beach season lurks around the corner, and readers often ask how they can accelerate weight loss for that upcoming Kauai vacation or just look … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes!


To celebrate, I have a little gift for you so you can stay super healthy this St. Patrick's Day... Not only are all 5 recipes better than beer, they also all have a green color scheme. So, just say NO to green beer this year and say YES to these healthy, delicious green recipes!   If you want to get more green on St. Patrick's Day (and all year round) take a look at this tasty, healthy way to get my recommended 10 servings of … [Read more...]

Back to Basics: 10 Strategies that Create a Solid Fat Loss Foundation


I’m sure I appeared impressed. My friend had mastered The Virgin Diet principles, successfully eliminating and re-challenging my seven top food intolerances. She had beautifully transitioned into my Sugar Impact Diet. As she began Cycle 2, she had ditched even her most beloved medium-sugar impact foods. “Sweet potatoes and frozen blueberries were hardest to give up,” she said, “but it’s only for two weeks.” Mastering these principles will … [Read more...]

10 Strategies to Make the Sugar Impact Diet Work Anywhere


I designed my Sugar Impact Diet to work in any situation, whether you're stranded in an airport or visiting your in-laws. At the same time, I know how challenging finding a low-sugar impact meal can become when you're traveling. To complicate matters, food intolerances and sneaky sugars lurk everywhere in restaurant food. Chefs are notorious for slipping egg into that innocuous-sounding chicken dish or "glaze" that otherwise-healthy wild … [Read more...]

Designing the Perfect Chipotle Meal


I've long been a fan of Chipotle, the fabulous fast-food-gone-upscale chain that conveniently allows you to customize your meal. Chipotle is inexpensive, flavorful, fast, and - dare I say - when you order the right thing, healthy. At least I think so. The New York Times doesn't agree about that last adjective, based on their recent Chipotle critique that found many meals contain over 1,000 calories and come loaded with saturated fat and … [Read more...]

Salmon On Fire!

JJ and Mark Hyman- salmon on fire!

In this video JJ and her pal, six-time #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman, are in the kitchen cooking a yummy Alaskan Wild Salmon recipe. You'll learn a mouthwatering recipe for making wild salmon you and your family will love! … [Read more...]

My Top 20 Questions


You asked, I answered. My fabulous social media team took a poll to narrow down my top 20 questions, which I've answered below. Did I miss your question? Please submit it below or on my Facebook fan page, and I'll create a future FAQ blog. I love fruit. How impactful are the sugars in fruit in comparison to manufactured sugars on the body? What would be reasonable for daily consumption? All fruit contains fructose, though some contain more … [Read more...]

Aphrodisiac Foods and Valentine’s Recipes

aphrodiasiac foods image

Enjoy six savory Valentines Day recipes for you and your loved ones in this fun Valentines Recipe Guide plus check out this  "10 Aphrodisiac Foods" list.  Some these foods are like super-boosters that make your sex drive go "WHOA!" :-)   … [Read more...]

In Defense of Wine

In Defense of Wine

In this 10 minute video JJ and Dr. Sara Gottfried are talking all about WINE. They share how wine can help you fight a cold, how a glass of wine a day can make you thinner, and a lot of other great content! … [Read more...]

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