7 Strategies for Mindful Eating to Get Fast, Lasting Fat Loss

  If you want to be thinner, I have 7 strategies for you that will make your weight loss almost effortless. These strategies will help you eat more mindfully and they are super-simple so you can lose weight faster... FIRST: PUT AWAY YOUR LEFTOVERS. When you're sitting down to dinner, figure out what you want to eat, put it on your plate and then package up everything else and put it away. Obvious, right? But how … [Read more...]

The 5-minute Meal that Makes You an All-Day Fat Burner

  “After pulling my kids together for school, searching for car keys, calling the plumber for a suddenly stopped-up toilet, and the million other demands morning creates, who has time for breakfast?” a reader once asked me. As a single mom of two teenage sons juggling two businesses, I understand how hectic mornings can become. Among the frenzy, breakfast often lands on the backburner. Skipping isn’t the answer, but neither are … [Read more...]

Become a Fat Burner with Your Very Next Meal

  “I’m always hungry,” a client recently told me. “I mean, I eat breakfast but I’m running for the vending machine a few hours after I get to work. Inevitably, I hit a late-morning energy crash, and my only reassurance is that lunch is around the corner. Then during the afternoon…Well, pretty much the same scenario occurs.” Even though she didn’t realize it, my client provided a classic description of a sugar burner. A few hours … [Read more...]


When it comes to dumping the dairy, so often I hear from clients, "JJ...I'll go without the bread, and I'll drop the soy...BUT I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY CHEESE!" Listen, I get it. Dense Cheesecake...Latte Foam...Frozen Yogurt...but here's the question: What price are you paying? Even if you can tolerate dairy, there are significant problems it can create in your life like making you fat, promoting insulin resistance so you pack on more … [Read more...]

10 Fat Loss Strategies on the Tightest Budget

“Is it worth paying nearly double the price for organic broccoli?” a friend recently asked. As a single mom with three kids, she often struggled to get a healthy dinner on the table, and the cost of buying healthy just felt like one more obstacle. Initially, I wanted to argue healthy food is inexpensive health care, but I knew her situation all too well. I’m a single mom juggling two businesses and raising two teenage boys. I know how … [Read more...]

5 Easy Labor Day Upgrades

"The margaritas became my downfall as I toasted summer's farewell," a friend recently confessed, recalling a past Labor Day where the tipsiness of a few drinks "guided" her to the chips and salsa, and from there a giant dietary debacle occurred that took days to recover from. This Labor Day, I don't want that same fate to occur to you. That's why I want to empower you with some low-sugar impact cookout upgrades so fun, food, and festivities … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Fall & Stay Asleep

"File that under 'bad decisions based on crappy sleep,'" my friend said, referring to a recent breakfast dietary debacle that involved some high-sugar impact monstrosity and a soy latte from a popular place that rhymes with "bar luck." Nothing quite derails fast, lasting fat loss like terrible sleep. It isn't just that you're less rational about things like eating low-sugar impact and burst training; studies show just one night's terrible … [Read more...]

My 7 Must-Have Travel Accessories

"I got quite the deal on a 10-day Maui flight," a friend recently told me, "but travel always unravels my most stalwart fat loss efforts." I get it. I spend about half my year on the road, so I'm well aware how unlikely you are stumbling upon grass-fed beef at the airport or anything green other than iceberg lettuce at most fast-food restaurants. With a five-hour layover because your LA-bound flight remains stuck in inclement Iowa weather, … [Read more...]

Why Exercise Becomes Lousy for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, stop focusing on exercise. Let's be perfectly frank. I’m not telling you not to exercise. I’m the most pro-exercise person on the planet. But for losing weight, most exercise becomes pretty darn lousy. Instead, I want you to master the principles within The Virgin Diet or my Sugar Impact Diet. That includes starting your day with a protein shaking using my All-in-One powder, practicing meal timing, and eating by … [Read more...]

The 5 Foods You Can Add To Lose Weight

Today I want to tell you about 5 foods that can help cut your cravings, stop your hunger and fuel your metabolism! Exciting, right?! AND, I'm betting a few of these foods you may have never even thought about… so I recorded a short video (under 4 minutes) for you where I talk about the final 3 foods that can help cut your cravings, stop your hunger and fuel your metabolism:  *Note the Webinar mentioned in this video has already happened, and … [Read more...]

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