Virgin Diet All-in-One Shakes FAQs

Beef protein flow chart

Last week I answered your top questions about my Sugar Impact Diet. New ones continue to come in, so check back on that blog because I will continually update it. If you have a question, please leave it below or on my Facebook fan page. I get a lot of shake questions. More so, in fact, than about any other product I sell. So I've devoted this week's blog to answering your top questions. Same deal: I will continue to revise this page, and if I … [Read more...]

Sugar Addiction, Sneaky Sugars in Salads & Much More


  Amidst the excitement of launching The Sugar Impact Diet (thank you for your great reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble; keep 'em coming!), I want to tell you about two new major outlets and a new column I'm writing. Elephant Journal takes a mindfulness approach to food, relationships, and much more. Their blogs have long challenged and entertained me. I'm thrilled to say I just had my first blog published about (what else?) … [Read more...]

Sugar Impact Diet FAQs

I'm blown away by your fabulous, thoughtful questions. Wow, did I get a ton of them. So many, in fact, that I'm dedicating the next few weeks' blogs to addressing those questions. This week, I've kept the questions Sugar Impact-related. In the next few weeks, I'll address shakes, bars, and more broad-based questions you've submitted. I will continue to update this page as new Sugar Impact questions come in, so keep those questions coming in … [Read more...]

What’s the Difference Between The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet?


THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE VIRGIN DIET AND THE SUGAR IMPACT DIET I wrote The Sugar Impact Diet because I saw how people were controlled by sugar and consumed with their cravings. Or they felt confused, thinking they were doing everything right but still struggling with fatigue, brain fog, belly bloat, and other miserable symptoms. The Sugar Impact Diet looks at a food’s sugar impact to provide a revolutionary new approach to looking at … [Read more...]

15 Strategies to Beat Holiday Cravings

JJ feast

"The table became a landmine of high-sugar impact foods and despite conjuring every ounce of willpower, I finally succumbed to a dark chocolate peppermint brownie," my friend defeatedly said, recalling a particularly disastrous past Thanksgiving her best friend hosted. I'll keep this short: During the holidays, you need every available bit of ammunition to ward off hunger, cravings, carb pushers, and countless temptations that will doubtless … [Read more...]

Dietary Debacles during the Holidays? Not with these Strategies!

JJ family feast

"My normally mild-mannered aunt becomes a total carb-pusher during the holidays," a friend recently said, recounting last Christmas when she laid a guilt trip for refusing her dark chocolate peppermint patties. "You would have thought I had totally betrayed my family and would be cut out of the will, the way my aunt reacted!" Holidays bring out the best and worst in anyone, and that goes double for food. Take a second to recall your dietary … [Read more...]

My #1 Needle Mover for Fast, Lasting Fat Loss

JJ chocolate powder

Studies show that a big, protein-rich, high-fiber, low-sugar impact breakfast makes the best way to prepare you to take on the world. A recent study published in Obesity followed two groups of overweight and obese women with metabolic syndrome for 12 weeks. One group ate high-calorie breakfasts and low-calorie dinners, while the other did exactly the opposite. The researchers concluded that a higher-calorie breakfast could be beneficial for … [Read more...]

7 Strategies to Bypass Winter Weight Gain

Obese black woman get to fridge for late snack

“Chicago’s high on Saturday was like 48,” my friend told me, dreadfully recalling last winter's sub-zero temperatures. “And it’s only early October!” In Palm Desert, where I live, even 48 seems brutal. Wherever you live, shorter days and cooler temperatures suggest fall will soon slip into gray, cold winter. I can’t bring warmth to your city (come to Palm Desert for that!), but I can provide these seven strategies so winter hibernation doesn’t … [Read more...]

Ask JJ: My New Huffington Post Column

I'm honored to be a regular blogger at the prestigious Huffington Post, where I've written more than 50 (and counting!) blogs about everything from sleep to stress to weight loss resistance. Recently, The Huffington Post asked me to write a weekly column, Ask JJ, where I answer your top questions. Especially as the holidays approach (wait, is it already October!?), I want you to be completely prepared for the sugar onslaught that inevitably … [Read more...]

The Dark Side of America’s Favorite “Health” Food

jj edamame

Next time you visit your local health food store, count how many soy foods you can find. Soy ice cream, soy eggnog, soy burgers, and of course ubiquitous soymilk: the list is endless. Manufacturers have puzzlingly positioned soy as a healthy alternative to meat, dairy, and other foods. As a result, people develop a halo effect and think that double-fudge soy ice cream is somehow healthier than regular ice cream. Think again. Soy as a health … [Read more...]

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