10 Strategies to Make the Sugar Impact Diet Work Anywhere


I designed my Sugar Impact Diet to work in any situation, whether you're stranded in an airport or visiting your in-laws. At the same time, I know how challenging finding a low-sugar impact meal can become when you're traveling. To complicate matters, food intolerances and sneaky sugars lurk everywhere in restaurant food. Chefs are notorious for slipping egg into that innocuous-sounding chicken dish or "glaze" that otherwise-healthy wild … [Read more...]

Designing the Perfect Chipotle Meal


I've long been a fan of Chipotle, the fabulous fast-food-gone-upscale chain that conveniently allows you to customize your meal. Chipotle is inexpensive, flavorful, fast, and - dare I say - when you order the right thing, healthy. At least I think so. The New York Times doesn't agree about that last adjective, based on their recent Chipotle critique that found many meals contain over 1,000 calories and come loaded with saturated fat and … [Read more...]

Salmon On Fire!

JJ and Mark Hyman- salmon on fire!

In this video JJ and her pal, six-time #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman, are in the kitchen cooking a yummy Alaskan Wild Salmon recipe. You'll learn a mouthwatering recipe for making wild salmon you and your family will love! … [Read more...]

My Top 20 Questions


You asked, I answered. My fabulous social media team took a poll to narrow down my top 20 questions, which I've answered below. Did I miss your question? Please submit it below or on my Facebook fan page, and I'll create a future FAQ blog. I love fruit. How impactful are the sugars in fruit in comparison to manufactured sugars on the body? What would be reasonable for daily consumption? All fruit contains fructose, though some contain more … [Read more...]

Aphrodisiac Foods and Valentine’s Recipes

aphrodiasiac foods image

Enjoy six savory Valentines Day recipes for you and your loved ones in this fun Valentines Recipe Guide plus check out this  "10 Aphrodisiac Foods" list.  Some these foods are like super-boosters that make your sex drive go "WHOA!" :-)   … [Read more...]

In Defense of Wine

In Defense of Wine

In this 10 minute video JJ and Dr. Sara Gottfried are talking all about WINE. They share how wine can help you fight a cold, how a glass of wine a day can make you thinner, and a lot of other great content! … [Read more...]

10 Foods to Put You in the Mood

Green is good

"Go for the oysters," my friend said over dinner, continuing the discussion about ultimate foods that put you in the mood. Indeed, oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac, probably because of their high amounts of zinc, a mineral that contributes to sperm production and sexual health. Curious, that night I researched and found a study that showed when two amino acids - D-aspartic acid (D-Asp) and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) - in … [Read more...]

Fat Loss & Gut Health Begins with the Right Probiotic


You probably don't think about this often, but consider for a moment that you have 10 times more bacteria than cells in your body. Your small intestine houses billions, while your colon houses trillions of these organisms. Kind of astounding, right? Your gut will always house a combination of good and bad gut bacteria, though you want way more good than bad. When you eat a high-sugar impact diet, suffer chronic stress, complete antibiotic … [Read more...]

Your New Favorite Lateral Shift: Healthy Nutella


"If the sub-zero temperatures don't kill me, fourth-quarter taxes will," my Chicago friend recently texted me. "I need healthy comfort food, STAT." January can quickly become a brutal month, and at the end of a cold long day you probably want something sweet, satisfying, and guilt-free as you curl up watching Sex and the City reruns and contemplate hibernating until late March. Sometimes nothing less than chocolate will do the … [Read more...]

7 Strategies to Intelligently Detoxify


  Let’s level up. Most detoxes or cleanses are simply semi-starvation diets. Detoxification might become a nice “bonus,” but be honest: your friend and maybe even you are starving yourself - I mean, detoxifying - to get a coveted body before beach season arrives. You’ll probably initially lose weight - note I said weight, not fat - but your metabolism will soon come to a grinding halt to compensate. During the process, you’ll become … [Read more...]

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