My Secret Weapon to Crush Cravings

Nothing quite satisfies on a hot summer day like lemonade. (I know: Summer's not quite here yet, but I'm really craving the warmth...) Unfortunately, most commercial lemonade varieties come loaded with sugar, and you know better than to use those nasty artificially sweetened powdered mixes. Here's an idea. What if you could create a satisfying, delicious drink that also curbs cravings? I started playing around with recipes and developed my … [Read more...]

Super Greens Shake: Another Fab Recipe from My Upcoming Cookbook

"My kids made me breakfast in bed," my friend said, seemingly embarrassed as she recalled yesterday's well-intended but undoubtedly high-sugar impact Mother's Day meal. "It was gluten-free French toast, and they worked really hard on it so I couldn't say no. And, well, three bites became more than three bites, and then I just kind of gave up and made breakfast an all-day affair." I wanted to reply too bad her kids didn't have my Sugar Impact … [Read more...]

Fat-Burning Almond Butter? Yes, Please


Wait, how is it already May? Along with warmer weather (at least in most areas) and blossoming tulips, my Sugar Impact Cookbook will be out later this month. (Click on this link to pre-order your copy.) To give you an, uh, taste of the 150 fabulous low-sugar impact recipes, I'm sharing one of my absolute favorites. If you know me, you know my passion - OK,  mad love - for almond butter. The intense aromatics of cinnamon make this version … [Read more...]

10 Must-Have Travel Essentials

"What are your must-have essentials for on the road?" a reader recently asked me. I felt prompted to reply fabulous shoes or photo-ready sleeveless dress, but I knew she referred to nutrition essentials. Whether I'm doing a book tour, attending conferences, or meeting with my publisher, I spend about half my year on the road. Staying on top of my game even with a grueling 14-hour day or holed up in some remote location becomes mandatory. … [Read more...]

Healthy Weight Gain on the Sugar Impact Diet


"During Cycle 2, you can lose up to 10 pounds in two weeks!" I boldly proclaimed during a recent conference. Indeed, I've seen numerous clients doing my Sugar Impact Diet make fast, impressive losses when they pull high-sugar impact foods and especially when they follow my low-sugar impact plan in Cycle 2. After the conference, an athlete approached me. "I love what you're saying," he began. "But I actually need to gain weight. As muscle, of … [Read more...]

Finding the Perfect Coach for Fast, Lasting Fat Loss

Female Runner Drinking Water

"How did you get where you are today?" someone recently asked me. Hard work, laser-sharp focus, and intentioning certainly played an enormous roles, but I owe tremendous gratitude to the coaches who've helped me launch and evolve my business. I'm not alone. Every rockstar I've met at the top of his or her game hired a coach. Likewise, almost every person I’ve known who attained and maintained fast, lasting fat loss had a coach. Why hire a … [Read more...]

My New Blog

Different Sugars-2

You've got nutrition, fitness, and health questions. Take a minute and brainstorm a few. Now, visit I'm pretty sure you'll find your answer there, written authoritatively yet in helpful, easy-to-understand language. I'm thrilled to say I'm now a featured blogger on Wellness. Hop on over and spend a few minutes on their page. Two of my blogs (here and here) made their front page! You'll find my number one needle mover for fast, … [Read more...]

Simple Sugar Swaps!

Some of my favorite simple swaps to help you Get the sugar out and drop belly fat effortlessly! And I’m betting you’ll like some of them even better! … [Read more...]

5 Easy Lateral Shifts for Fast, Lasting Fat Loss

As you’re tempted to reach for another bourbon lemon tart your best friend (who just happens to be a pastry chef) made, you suddenly remember you have that new two-piece sitting in the closet for your upcoming Maui vacation, and a pang of regret surges through your veins. Eating smartly doesn’t mean deprivation or puritanically abstaining from delicious foods. Rather than tell people not to eat something, I’ve developed what I call lateral … [Read more...]

All Your Sugar Impact FAQs in One Place (Plus Upcoming Cookbook FAQs!)


My upcoming Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook doesn't officially come out until May 26, yet it has already created quite a buzz among critics who received an advanced copy. I can't wait to share the 150 delicious, low-sugar impact recipes I've created for my best cookbook yet. Patience is a virtue, but I'm so excited to get this cookbook in your hands! You can pre-order your copy by clicking the link above. Those fabulous cookbook questions … [Read more...]

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