7 Ways to Fall & Stay Asleep

"File that under 'bad decisions based on crappy sleep,'" my friend said, referring to a recent breakfast dietary debacle that involved some high-sugar impact monstrosity and a soy latte from a popular place that rhymes with "bar luck." Nothing quite derails fast, lasting fat loss like terrible sleep. It isn't just that you're less rational about things like eating low-sugar impact and burst training; studies show just one night's terrible … [Read more...]

My 7 Must-Have Travel Accessories

Closeup portrait of a cute young woman sleeping on the bed

"I got quite the deal on a 10-day Maui flight," a friend recently told me, "but travel always unravels my most stalwart fat loss efforts." I get it. I spend about half my year on the road, so I'm well aware how unlikely you are stumbling upon grass-fed beef at the airport or anything green other than iceberg lettuce at most fast-food restaurants. With a five-hour layover because your LA-bound flight remains stuck in inclement Iowa weather, … [Read more...]

Why Exercise Becomes Lousy for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, stop focusing on exercise. Let's be perfectly frank. I’m not telling you not to exercise. I’m the most pro-exercise person on the planet. But for losing weight, most exercise becomes pretty darn lousy. Instead, I want you to master the principles within The Virgin Diet or my Sugar Impact Diet. That includes starting your day with a protein shaking using my All-in-One powder, practicing meal timing, and eating by … [Read more...]

The 5 Foods You Can Add To Lose Weight


Today I want to tell you about 5 foods that can help cut your cravings, stop your hunger and fuel your metabolism! Exciting, right?! AND, I'm betting a few of these foods you may have never even thought about… so I recorded a short video (under 4 minutes) for you where I talk about the final 3 foods that can help cut your cravings, stop your hunger and fuel your metabolism:  *Note the Webinar mentioned in this video has already happened, and … [Read more...]

Do I Need the Shake for Fast, Lasting Fat Loss? (No & Here’s Why Not…)

"You position your All-in-One Shakes for fast, lasting fat loss," a reader recently wrote. "But sometimes I get sick of them. Can I do your Sugar Impact Diet without the shake or any other products?" Others tell me they "don't do shakes" or otherwise dismiss why they can't or won't do a protein shake for breakfast. Here's the deal. Yes, you absolutely can follow my Sugar Impact Diet without the shakes. You don't need my All-in-One Shake, … [Read more...]

Are Some Sugars Worse than Others? (My Answer Might Surprise You)

"Big Soda in a froth over proposed new sugar-labeling rules," writes Laurie Tarkan in a recent Fortune.com blog. No kidding. Added sugars and artificial sweeteners have become hot topics, and last week I addressed both issues in Huffington Post blogs. I responded to The New York Times and Aaron E. Carroll, whose recent blog "The Evidence Supports Artificial Sweeteners Over Sugar" rightfully attacked sugar but gave a free pass to artificial … [Read more...]

The Sugar Impact Plate


Here's my gift to you so you can more easily reduce hunger between meals, create steady sustained energy and help you burn fat for fuel. :-) I want to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need and engaging your fat-burning machinery at every meal. When you eat according to the this infograph, you’ll have a full and happy tummy for longer stretches, so you can eat three balanced meals every 4 to 6 hours without feeling deprived of … [Read more...]

5 Sneaky Sugar Health Impostors (You’re Not Gonna Believe #3!)

More of us make healthy food choices these days, skipping out on high-sugar impact, trans fat, soy and other food intolerances, and processed foods loaded with junk ingredients. We’ve also become smart enough to know fat-free cookies taste like cardboard, those 100-calorie packs become a gateway to overeating, and most processed foods with hyperbolic health claims simply incorporate crafty marketing. Even though we’ve become nutritionally … [Read more...]

My Top 7 Fat Loss Rock Stars (#5 Might Shock You!)


“Name seven must-have foods and drinks that belong in every health-minded person’s repertoire to stay lean and energetic,” a national magazine recently asked me. I love and hate these questions. Passionate as I become researching and writing about my favorites, narrowing them down to seven becomes like asking me to choose just seven pairs of killer shoes for a three-week media tour. Like, Really, can't it be about 20? Plus I can already … [Read more...]

My #1 Fast, Lasting Fat Loss Needle Mover (Hint: It’s Not Diet or Exercise)

"If you could summarize your entire plan into just one thing..." someone occasionally asks me. I'm sure they expect me to suggest going low-sugar impact, addressing food intolerances, or cutting out crappy foods. Here's my answer, which combines all of those criteria and wraps them up into one delicious, convenient shake. If you could choose just one thing to lose weight and become your best self, simply switch out breakfast for a protein … [Read more...]

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