Your New Favorite Lateral Shift: Healthy Nutella


"If the sub-zero temperatures don't kill me, fourth-quarter taxes will," my Chicago friend recently texted me. "I need healthy comfort food, STAT." January can quickly become a brutal month, and at the end of a cold long day you probably want something sweet, satisfying, and guilt-free as you curl up watching Sex and the City reruns and contemplate hibernating until late March. Sometimes nothing less than chocolate will do the … [Read more...]

7 Strategies to Intelligently Detoxify


  Let’s level up. Most detoxes or cleanses are simply semi-starvation diets. Detoxification might become a nice “bonus,” but be honest: your friend and maybe even you are starving yourself - I mean, detoxifying - to get a coveted body before beach season arrives. You’ll probably initially lose weight - note I said weight, not fat - but your metabolism will soon come to a grinding halt to compensate. During the process, you’ll become … [Read more...]

More Sugar Impact Diet FAQs


You spoke, I responded. Once again, I am blown away with your thoughtful, intelligent Sugar Impact questions. Here are my top FAQs from the recent group challenge. If I didn't answer your question, please ask in the comments below or on my Facebook fan page. Xylitol kills bad bacteria in the mouth, so would it do the same in the gut? One study found xylitol kills bad mouth bacteria while enhancing healthy gut bacteria, making it a win-win. … [Read more...]

My Best Blogs Under One Roof

Meal Replacement Shakes

Happy New Year! I hope you're having a happy, healthy, productive one so far. Because the holiday fell on a Thursday, I noticed some businesses remained closed Friday and onto the weekend. No vacations or time off here. As a "happy 2015" gift to you, I've compiled a list of all my top blogs, alphabetized by category and with hyperlinks so you can just click and go directly to that blog. (Any broken links, please let me know in the comments … [Read more...]

Why I Want You to Avoid Resolutions in 2015

JJ salad or dessert

Damn the consequences. It's New Year's Eve and you’re going to dive into that gooey piece of caramel praline cheesecake after your three-cheese lasagna and garlic-butter infused baguette. Tomorrow, you'll start the Sugar Impact Diet. Familiar scenario? That feast-famine mentality only sets you up for failure. Fast, lasting fat loss isn’t an all-or-nothing scenario, and good eating habits don’t happen at the spur of the moment. That’s why … [Read more...]

Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective Weight Loss Supplements


"There goes another 30 bucks,” my friend lamented over a green tea date several months ago. I understood her frustration. She had tried the latest celebrity-endorsed “miracle” weight loss supplement that, despite the manufacturer’s claim to burn belly fat fast, fattened her credit card bill but did nothing for her waistline. Over the years, my friend has tried nearly everything on the market with zero success. As she discovered, many … [Read more...]

Fat Loss, Detoxification & Optimal Health? Consider a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna


I’ve long been a fan of infrared saunas. Recently I took that love to the next level and splurged on one for my home. I didn’t make that decision lightly. After careful research and speaking with trusted colleagues, I opted for a Sunlighten sauna, the only brand clinically shown to raise core temperature so you burn more fat and more effectively detoxify. I'm a science person, and I want research to substantiate my decisions. Well, Sunlighten … [Read more...]

Poops to Be Proud Of (Yes, I Said It) Start with these Strategies


Fiber becomes your secret weapon for fast, lasting fat loss, but let’s be honest: Most of us think of fiber in terms of staying regular, or as I more irreverently say, giving you poops to be proud of. Let’s talk about poop for a minute. You need to have one to three bowel movements a day. They shouldn’t be urgent, and you shouldn’t have to run to the bathroom every time you eat, but you should be having them. Fiber is your golden ticket for … [Read more...]

Your Top FAQs

Different Sugars

During the past three weeks I've answered your top questions about my Sugar Impact Diet, Virgin Diet All-in-One Shakes, and Virgin Diet Bars and other products in my store. This week I'm tackling your non-Sugar Impact Diet FAQs. As I've said before, I will be updating these FAQ blogs regularly, so keep those questions coming below or on my Facebook fan page. Bulletproof Coffee How does Bulletproof Coffee work with The Virgin Diet or Sugar … [Read more...]

FAQs about Bars and Other Products


In the last two blogs I answered your top questions about my Sugar Impact Diet and Virgin Diet All-in-One Shakes. I will continually update those blogs as new questions come in, so keep them coming! Chances are, you aren't the only one who has that question, so you'll be helping other people in the bargain. This week I'm answering your top questions about other products. You probably have others, so post them in the comments section below and … [Read more...]

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