What’s the Difference Between My Bars? (Plus a Special One-Day Offer)

My bars have quickly rivaled my All-in-One shakes in sales and popularity for good re son: They come loaded with healthy ingredients, they're low-sugar impact, they're portable and super convenient, and oh yeah, they taste freaking amazing. And they fly off our shelves. A few bar flavors quickly sold out in the past, and with my upcoming Cyber Monday sale (whoa! Is it already that time of year?), they're not going to last long. You'll find my … [Read more...]

5 Delicious Thanksgiving Foods

As you get ready to enjoy a festive, joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends this year, we both know it’s all too easy to slip into the habit of second helpings. The truth is it can be hard to get through the holidays without gaining weight. In fact, the average American eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day! The GOOD NEWS is I have some simple steps you can take to actually get (and stay) THIN this Thanksgiving -- AND -- I have a special … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Stay Lean + Still Indulge During the Holidays

“I was doing so well,” my friend lamented. “I didn’t allow my control-freak mother-in-law to push my buttons, my kids were on semi-well behavior, and I was feeling pleasantly subdued from a second glass of merlot. And then… It appeared and became my undoing.” In my friend’s case, “it” meant raisins, apricots, and walnut Rugelach, her dietary undoing that she was certain would rear its sugar-laden head the first night of Hanukkah. You can’t … [Read more...]

I Need YOUR Question for my Huffington Post Ask JJ Column

A few years ago, Arianna Huffington gave me the huge honor of writing a weekly column in her revered online blog The Huffington Post. I had been writing for them since 2011 (my first one was appropriately about sleep), but this column allowed me to personally deep-dive answer your questions I regularly receive on Facebook and other places. Oftentimes, I'll get a great question but don't have the space to provide a well-thought-out reply. … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Gain Weight this Holiday Season

"If we know how to do it correctly, why do we have a zillion blogs this time of year that tell us strategies or tips to stay thin during the holidays?" a friend recently asked. She had an excellent point. Even with our stalwart efforts, studies show we gain about five pounds during the holidays, and even worse, we never really shed that holiday weight gain. What a bummer, right? I'm not discounting those how-to blogs. We need them to … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Crush Cravings & Burn Fat on Thanksgiving

“I blame my mother-in-law for those two pounds I gained last Thanksgiving,” my friend half-jokingly said, eyeing our server for more coffee one recent Sunday brunch. “I had done so well that day. I didn’t even touch the stuffing. Then I walked into my kitchen a few hours later to clean, and there it was: Homemade pumpkin pie, which she knows is my favorite dessert.” I don’t think her mother-in-law strategically placed that pie, but my friend … [Read more...]

There’s an urban legend rolling around that you may have heard before…

  "It costs more to eat healthy." This. Makes. Me. CRAZY! The TRUTH is that it actually costs LESS to eat healthy and I have a short video I recorded for you to prove it. You may be shocked, but I'm about to show you how eating healthy could save you as much as $1,884.96 per year — really! If this sounds too good to be true, then you need to watch this short video NOW: VIDEO: How To Save Money By Eating Healthier  PLUS, I want … [Read more...]

5 Hacks to Skip Cold & Flu Season

One sneeze completely destroyed my confidence. I trudged midway through a grueling book tour when I felt it coming on. Not now, I thought. I cannot get sick when I've got a PBS show to do this weekend. No such luck. The next morning, its impact hit me like a double-decker bus. I troopered through my PBS show, immediately headed back to the hotel, and after a solid night's sleep I felt about 90 percent well. I'm not alone in my debacle. … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Starbucks

Dear Starbucks, I love you. I really do. Your venti hot green tea has carried me through many a morning, I love it iced on a hot Palm Desert afternoon, and every once in a while I'll even have a venti dark roast with my Virgin Sprinkles. I love your ambience and your neighborhood-y feel. I love so much about you. But we need to talk. Namely, about your high-sugar impact drinks and desserts. In all fairness, you hardly position these … [Read more...]

7 Hacks to Tailgate Smarter

"I'd had an All-in-One Shake for breakfast, took your App Control, but I then missed lunch, had a few light beers, and that's when it happened," my friend confessed about a recent Saturday afternoon college football game where, slightly inebriated, she "sampled" chips and salsa. I don't need to describe this dietary debacle's outcome, but let's say she was not happy with the scales that Sunday morning. Meal timing becomes a vital part of my … [Read more...]

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