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Dieting shouldn’t
be a hobby.

If you’re settling for a life of pain and limitations because of your weight, let’s change that
right now.

Your body isn’t a bank account,

it’s a chemistry lab.

Calories count, but WHERE they come from counts MORE

You never have
to go it alone.

Our community is here to ensure you have the support you need to succeed

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No counting points or calories - just great community and lasting success!

Stop eating “health food” and start eating healthy food!

Want to get back on track & feel better than ever?

  Robyn R.
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Thank you for changing my life. So far, have lost 37 pounds and feel so much better! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this positive change to my life.
  Lisa B.
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I started the Virgin Diet 9 days ago and lost 9-1/2 lbs total so far. Plus, most of my aches and pains are gone! This is a lifestyle change, and I'm embracing it!!
  Ginny D.
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Thanks to JJ, I have maintained a 50 lb weight loss, and I have learned so, so, so much more about all aspects of health and improving it! I have tried almost every product, listen to all podcasts possible, and SHARE them lots.
  Anne I.
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Because of The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, and JJ’s shakes, I am healthier than ever and stay a size 2 effortlessly. She has transformed my life.

*Everyone’s body & experience are different. Your results may vary, but we’ll be with you every step of the way!


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Start Living Well

It was time to start living well and living whole.

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It's Been So Easy

JJ Virgin & her team have been phenomenal!

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I Found JJ’s Podcast

I've tried every diet known to mankind... with JJ's, I've been consistent.

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Everything Has Changed

JJ & her team have been fantastic... her products have saved my life!

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JJ's Plan Works!

I've lost 30 pounds, and I've kept the 30 pounds off.

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It Was Meant to Be

Within a week, 20 years of problems with bingeing and cravings went away.

It’s time to start living your very best life! (Hint: that usually involves eating MORE and working out LESS…)

After 30 years in the field, we’ve developed state-of-the-art
programs that have helped hundreds of thousands of clients:

  • Lose weight & feel better without ever going hungry
  • Stop sugar cravings & blast away belly fat
  • Get fitter faster (No more treadmills!)
  • Dial in a positive mindset because believing is seeing

Curious to find out more? Can’t believe it’s that easy?
If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked, this is a game-changer.

Take a 60-second quiz to find your plan or get details about all of our programs...

Hi, I’m

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition Expert & Fitness Hall of Famer

I literally wrote the book on the hidden causes of stubborn weight gain – 4 New York Times bestsellers, in fact! 
(Read my story to find out how all that happened…)

My team and I are passionate about using proven science and tough love (emphasis on the love!) to help people 40+ finally lose the weight and feel better FAST.

So let’s get started and get you a quick win!

  Lois M.
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My blood sugar has been leveling out, no more blackouts, less pain (both body and RA), more energy, lost 7 pounds, and my gut isn't acting up so much! I'm beginning to feel more like myself! I intend to stick with your program – it really works!
  Leslie P.
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Did the Virgin Diet and found out soy was causing my migraines. Migraine-free now after suffering over 40 years. Lost 30 lbs too as a bonus. Thank you, thank you!
  Sherry V.
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Just completed my first week and happy to say I lost 9 lb, 2 inches off my waist, and 1 inch off my hips! I’m sold! In for the long haul!
  Jannie P.
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The Virgin Diet has always been there for me! Thank you, JJ Virgin, for your strength, your faith, your fight! You are an inspiration to me and have made becoming fit a reachable goal. God bless you!

*Everyone’s body & experience are different. Your results may vary, but we’ll be with you every step of the way!


You never have to go it alone!

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3 steps to a perfect smoothie
+ 48  recipes + $10 off protein

Get your SMOOTHIE GUIDE here!

We hate spam as much as you do. We’ll never share or sell your info.