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If you’ve ever wondered whether menopause affects your brain, you’re in for a revelation. This week, I’m thrilled to welcome back Dr. Lisa Mosconi, an associate professor of neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medicine and the director of the Women’s Brain Initiative. Dr. Mosconi has been pioneering groundbreaking research that images women’s brains before, during, and after menopause, uncovering the profound changes we experience and how we can support our brain health through it all.

Dr. Mosconi and I dive deep into the astonishing findings of her latest research, which is both enlightening and actionable. For the first time, we have solid scientific evidence that our brains do indeed change during menopause—and there are significant benefits to postmenopausal brains that you’ll definitely want to hear about. We discuss how hormone replacement therapy (HRT) impacts brain health and the exciting potential of new therapies that can stabilize brain function without increasing cancer risks.

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As we get older, it’s more important than ever to make smart choices about what we put into our bodies. Today, I’ll reveal the nine foods I rely on to keep my energy up, my muscles strong, and my skin looking youthful. And trust me, a few of these might surprise you!

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In this eye-opening episode of The Well Beyond 40 Podcast, I sit down with the incredible Mike Mutzel, a seasoned expert in the fields of biology and clinical nutrition. Mike’s unique blend of scientific knowledge and real-world experience brings a fresh perspective to the table, especially on topics like fasting, hormonal health, and the real impacts of our dietary choices. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone curious about optimizing your health, this conversation is packed with insights that will challenge what you thought you knew about your body.

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Ladies, if you’re still following the same supplement routine from your 30s, it’s time for a serious makeover. Our needs change as we age, and so should our approach to supplements. Just like you wouldn’t stick to the same skincare routine from a decade ago, your supplement routine requires an update to truly impact your longevity and vitality.

In today’s episode, I dive deep into the world of anti-aging supplements. These aren’t your everyday vitamins; these are groundbreaking aids that promise not only superficial enhancements but deep, transformative changes from within. I’ll be sharing seven supplements that have become non-negotiable in my daily regimen, particularly focusing on new additions that have supercharged my journey towards aging powerfully. One standout is urolithin A, a remarkable compound that supports the mitochondria, your cells’ powerhouse, by enhancing how they recycle and regenerate themselves.

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I’m excited to share a deep dive into the world of health optimization with Dr. Darshan Shah. We explore groundbreaking diagnostic tools like full-body MRIs and liquid biopsies, which are changing the game in early disease detection and prevention. Dr. Shah shares insights into how these advanced techniques can significantly extend our health span and improve our quality of life.

We also discuss the innovative treatments and therapies available at Dr. Shah’s health optimization clinics. His approach combines the best of modern medicine with personalized wellness strategies, offering hope and practical solutions for those seeking to maintain vitality well into their later years.

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Want to level up your fitness game without stepping foot in a gym? As we get older, maintaining muscle strength becomes increasingly crucial, but not everyone enjoys the gym environment. That’s why I’ve crafted a workout routine tailored specifically for you, using just a few essential pieces of equipment that you can easily incorporate into your home routine.

Around age 30, you start losing muscle mass, which can lead to a decline in strength, power, balance, and flexibility. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling strong and confident in your body as you navigate daily life. I’ve put together a program that targets these key areas, focusing on upper-body pushing, upper-body pulling, and hip/thigh hinging exercises.

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JJ has a fun attitude and the podcast is relatively short and concise, but always packed with amazing info!!! And she includes a free gift from each of her guests. Highly recommend!!

Wellness Nell


This is the best podcast ever! Love you, JJ, and love all the guests! I am a nutritionist, but still learn a lot!



JJ hosts an incredible podcast. Her episodes are the perfect length, just right for a commute to work. I have learned so much in the car since subscribing and tuning into her show. I highly recommend ALL of her episodes. Thank you, JJ, for sharing your love of health and nutrition with us.



I stumbled upon JJ on one of the very first podcasts I listened to, on which she was a guest. I immediately fell in love with her story, her personality, and her lifestyle. She is the only podcast I subscribe to, and I listen to her while running, as I always find her motivational, inspiring, and just wonderful to listen to.

Running Mom Of 2 Boys


Hey JJ! This is an amazing podcast and so informative. I listen to different episodes and can’t help but realize how closely it all pertains to me, literally every single episode. All I have to say is to please keep the positively motivating, super informative and helpful podcasts coming!




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