Who Is Your Best Health Detective?

by JJ Virgin on July 31, 2016

Every human body is different. And yet, you’ll find the bookstore is full of one-size-fits-all approaches. Some of the most popular diet and self-help titles offer a single set of directions for losing weight, beating disease, or managing stress.

It’s not really that surprising. Being sick or overweight is challenging on its own, and the reality is that most people juggle a whole set of health issues. When you’re already exhausted and in pain, it feels like a blessing to have your choices made for you. Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it!

While leaders in the field can show you pieces of the puzzle, it’s up to you to put them together. That means doing your research and committing to being your own best health detective. After all, who has more energy and confidence to gain than the person looking back in the mirror?

Of course, you don’t have to do it alone! We’ve built a community and lifestyle to support you every step of the way. The Virgin Diet and Sugar Impact Diet are based on hard science and decades of experience. They’re designed to help you ask ask the right questions, then provide smart options based on your answers. But the reason both programs involve so much customization is because no one can possibly know YOU better than YOU.

Think about it: you’re the only one who feels your joint pain and cravings. You’re the first to notice when your hair is thinning or your jeans fit tighter around the middle. You know which foods make you feel foggy or bloated and how often you say no because you’re just too tired. Even the most devoted partner or doctor will never know your body like you do!

Sure, your loved ones will notice when you start dropping pounds. But the goal of the Virgin Diet and Sugar Impact Diet is to change your life, not just the numbers on the scale. The most important question is one that only you can answer: what is your “big why”? What are your dreams, the ones that make it worth the effort to change?

Committing to your health can be hard work, but you are so worth it! You are absolutely worthy of the time, energy, and resources it takes to feel better. There are thousands of stories of hope and healing to share – my own included. I can’t wait to hear yours…

So get ready to be your own best health detective! Ask questions, take notes, and keep looking for answers. Check out our other helpful blog posts and podcasts. Then join our Facebook community to find people who will celebrate your victories and understand your challenges.


Let’s get started!