Top 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

by JJ Virgin on April 30, 2018

Mother’s Day is coming, and it’s the perfect time to spoil the amazing women in your life!

It’s a pretty tough holiday to shop for when you think about it: you have just one day to honor all the love and strength moms show during the other 364 days of the year. To help you get it right, here’s a list of fun, thoughtful gifts that will show them you care!

We’ve got unique picks ready, whether the mom you’re shopping for is into food, exercise, or skincare. There’s also choices for every budget, starting at under $20. And every single item below is guaranteed to help her feel her best!

For the Foodie

Cooking for Hormone Balance Cookbook

My dear friend Magdalena Wszelaki recently released an incredible cookbook called Cooking for Hormone Balance. It’s got hundreds of incredible recipes inside, as well as menus and meal plans designed to help the mom in your life feel her very best.

The beauty of this cookbook is that everything in it tastes delicious and is wonderful for you, whether or not you have any health concerns! That means any mom can use it to feed the whole family, while also tackling issues she may have with her thyroid, menopause, and more.

Check out the first chapter, plus get 6 free recipes and 5 cooking videos HERE. That way, you’ll know for sure it’s a great fit when you pick up Cooking for Hormone Balance online or at your local bookstore!

Thrive Market Meat & Seafood Delivery

What mom couldn’t use a little less time running errands and a lot more quality, nutritious food in the fridge? Get the highest quality grass-fed beef, pastured pork, free-range chicken, and ethically sourced seafood delivered to your mom’s door from Thrive Market!

This gift package is perfect for moms who like to cook or those who don’t have a convenient way to get top-of-the-line meats without adding a long drive to their hectic schedule. If your mom is a caretaker, she’s going to love the convenience of having her protein delivered! It’s one of my absolute favorite timesavers.

Take your choice of individual meats or sampler boxes – I love the Ultimate Sampler, but you can’t go wrong with the Surf and Turf, either. No matter what you choose, signup is free, orders over $49 ship free, PLUS you’ll get 25% off your first order when you use this link.

Dry Farm Wines Gift Box

Skip the bouquet of roses, and get the moms in your life a bouquet of rosé instead! Dry Farm Wines is the only wine service in the world that specializes in sourcing delicious, healthy wines from vineyards that focus on sustainability.

Every single wine in the Dry Farm Wines collection is all natural and additive free, lab tested for purity, and completely sugar free! That means mom can enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about troubling effects on her blood glucose or hangover symptoms tomorrow morning.

Don’t worry – this wine also tastes incredible! The guys at Dry Farm know how to choose an exceptionally healthy wine without sacrificing the taste. And since it’s delivered directly to your mom’s door, it’s one less thing she has to shop for. Click here to choose red, white, or a mix of both…

Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club

We insist on fresh meat, eggs, and produce, but we seldom pay attention to how long our olive oil has been sitting on a grocery store shelf. That’s about to change with the Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club!

Spoil the moms in your life this Mother’s Day with a set of 3 exquisite olive oils, fresh pressed from the finest growers across the globe. It’s amazing to taste the different flavors depending on the location – bright and zingy, smooth and nutty… they add incredible dimension to your plate.

Even better, the first bottle is just $1 (valued at $39), so you can taste the incredible quality, then follow up with a delivery of 3 exceptional bottles of olive oil. Not only are the omega-3s in olive oil fantastic for her health, she’ll love how the flavor complements her meals. Order now so it arrives in time for the big day!

To Her Health

JJ Virgin Protein Shakes & Bars Subscription

Every mom could use more energy and focus. Ditto more free time in the day! Show the moms in your life you’re thinking of them beyond Mother’s Day by sending them a monthly delivery of the very best quality protein shakes and bars out there.

Now your busy mom never has to worry about skipping a meal again! Choose from Plant-Based or Paleo-inspired All-In-One Protein Shakes in rich chocolate or versatile vanilla. (If you’re looking for one single change anyone can make to feel better fast, it’s a smoothie for breakfast…)

You can also be sure she doesn’t go hungry when she’s out driving Mom’s Taxi or busy at work with Chocolate All-In-One Protein Bars (available in mocha, cherry, or mint) or Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bars. As with all my products, these scrumptious bars are third-party tested for quality and purity and are free of harmful ingredients like gluten, dairy and soy protein, peanuts, and inflammatory sweeteners. Save 10% when you subscribe – she can swap flavors or change her shipping schedule anytime.

X-iser Exercise Machine

Know the number one reason people give for not working out? Not enough time. And that’s no surprise, especially for busy moms. So give her a way to work out that’s portable and easy to use – you can get a complete cardio workout in 10 minutes on the X-iser!

The X-iser is light enough that I take it on the road while I travel, and it folds down flat so you can easily slide it under the bed between uses. By adding high-intensity interval training on the X-iser, you can immediately up fat-burning potential and increase energy levels throughout the day.

No gym membership, no need to carve out hours every week to exercise, and no worries about complicated machines that wind up piled under clothes instead of helping her get and stay fit! Get a great deal on an X-iser HERE for the mom in your life.

Nutribullet Pro Blender

If you’re looking for one single kitchen tool to change your mom’s daily life, buy her a Nutribullet! She can blend a terrific, healthy smoothie in minutes right in the cup she’ll drink from, so there’s no extra dishes or cleanup.

I love how durable these things are! When you get a Nutribullet, you know you’re getting an appliance that’s built to last. I bring mine along on every single business trip, and despite being dragged through airports across the world, it’s never failed me yet.

Nutribullets can handle whole fruit, seeds, wheatgrass – whatever she throws at it. You won’t find a better multitasker, and you can get it HERE for over 35% off. This is the ideal gift under $100 that feels much more extravagant.

Pamper Her Plenty

Annmarie Skin Care Starter Kit

Get my favorite skincare line in the hands of your favorite woman this Mother’s Day! Annmarie Skin Care was founded by a powerhouse and incredible mother, so it’s a fitting present to pamper the moms in your life.

These products have been in my skincare regimen for years. They are completely natural, gentle enough for all skin types, and most importantly, they work. Choose a Starter Kit based on your mom’s needs, or get her one of each so she can test for herself! All of them smell and feel amazing. (My personal favorites are the Citrus Mint Cleanser and Herbal Facial Oil…)

You know I love a bargain too, and every Starter Kit is just $10, ships free, and includes a $10 coupon toward your next order. That means when she places an order later for full-sized products (and I guarantee she will), her kit will have already paid for itself! Pick her Starter Kit HERE.

Pique Tea Crystals

If there are moms in your life who are tea lovers, this is the perfect present. Green tea is a constant in my life, and I am absolutely in love with Pique Tea Crystals! These handy little packets come in a variety of gold medal-winning flavors, from Passion Fruit Green Tea and Peach Ginger Black Tea to Hibiscus Mint and Vanilla Rooibos.

Pique Tea is different because it’s been cold-brewed, then crystallized. That patented process means their teas have the maximum amount of catechins and polyphenols – all the good stuff that gives tea such impressive health benefits. And it’s the ultimate in convenience: your mom can easily add a packet to her water bottle or protein shake on the go!

The flavors are light and clean, and it’s all organic and responsibly sourced. I’ve spent some time with the Pique Tea founders in person, and they are smart, trustworthy folks who really care about their tea and everyone who drinks it. Get your mom Pique Tea Crystals HERE.

Warrior Mom Survival Kit

If you have moms in your life who are readers or need some extra encouragement, this kit is just what you’re looking for! It includes a bunch of goodies to celebrate Warrior Moms – the women who step up every day with amazing strength and positivity. (I actually created it with Mother’s Day in mind…)

She’ll get my newest book, Warrior Mom: 7 Steps to Bold, Brave Resilience, with the inspiring true story of my son’s recovery from a horrific hit-and-run and lessons in hope that she can apply to her own life. This book was a passion project for me, meant to assure every mom that she’s not alone.

The Survival Kit also includes an adorable Warrior Mom dogtag necklace (I get so many compliments every time I wear mine!), a $10 gift card to for survival supplies, a 6-month membership to Thrive Market, the 5-Day G.A.M. Challenge, unlimited access to the film You Are Stronger Than You Think, plus bonus membership in our supportive private Facebook community. Altogether, it’s a $90.95 value, available for just $19.95 – but only for this Mother’s Day. Order your kit now!

And there you have it! Ten thoughtful, unique gifts sure to delight any mom out there…

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