Recipe: Chocoholic Protein Cookie Bites

by JJ Virgin on April 10, 2019

Any chocolate lovers out there? (My hand is raised high!)

Now, you won’t ever find me munching commercial chocolate, but natural cacao and dark chocolate are fantastic for your health and free of all the added inflammatory dairy and sugars. (Read this article to find out more: Top 5 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Every Day.)

These cookie bites have three different kinds of chocolate, including rich chocolate protein shake for a speedy metabolism and an extra boost of energy. They also include healthy fats from coconut oil and almond butter, plus plenty of fiber – the perfect combo to help you burn fat for lasting energy.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also come together in just 10 minutes! That means the next time your sweet tooth strikes, you can reach for these little yummies instead of processed snacks. Enjoy!


Chocoholic Protein Cookie Bites


April 10, 2019

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with these scrumptious cookie bites. With plenty of superfoods and protein for energy, they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, and guilt-free!

Virgin Diet compliant: Cycles 1, 2, and 3
Sugar Impact Diet compliant: Cycles 1, 2, and 3

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Yields: About 20 Bites


2 scoops JJ Virgin Chocolate All-In-One Protein Shake Powder* (Plant-Based or Paleo-Inspired)

1/2 cup chopped almonds or pecans

1/2 cup organic cacao nibs

1/2 cup gluten-free organic rolled oats (not quick cook oats or instant oatmeal)

2 tbsp unsweetened unsalted almond butter

1 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 tsp monk fruit extract or stevia (to taste)

1/4 tsp sea salt

organic cacao powder for rolling


1Pulse the oatmeal in a food processor until the size of small crumbs.

2Add the remaining ingredients, and pulse until well-combined and mixture holds its shape when pressed together. (Be careful not to over-process.)

3Roll the mixture into 1-1/2 inch balls. If desired, roll the finished bites in organic cacao powder.

4Transfer to fridge to chill completely, then enjoy. Store covered in refrigerator for up to one week.

*Check out high-quality, delicious Paleo-inspired or Plant-Based JJ Virgin All-In-One Protein Shakes, including FAQs and what makes our shakes different…

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size4 bites
Calories501 calories
Sodium300 milligrams
Protein16 grams
Sugar3 grams
Total Fat42 grams
Saturated Fat15 grams
Total Carbohydrates28 grams
Dietary Fiber17 grams

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