Diet to Feel Better: How to Lose Weight & Find Your Food Intolerances

by JJ Virgin on April 4, 2022

When you go on a diet, chances are it’s to lose weight. But dieting isn’t just about weight loss, and being healthy isn’t just about numbers on a scale – it’s about feeling your best.

It’s been almost a decade since I wrote The Virgin Diet. But the reasons it became a runaway NY Times bestseller are even more true and helpful today, as new research proves the link between food intolerances and serious inflammation and disease.

I don’t care whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12: if you don’t feel energetic, hopeful, and pain-free, what’s the point?

Get a fresh start

If you’re sick of feeling exhausted, dealing with headaches or joint pain, battling bloating and gut issues after meals, experiencing skin breakouts and acne, then you need to start over. The Virgin Diet can help you find the source of your symptoms and eliminate them in days.

The Virgin Diet is unique because it’s not just about shedding pounds. The goal is to find your “food frenemies” – the foods you love that don’t love you back! – and learn how to eat healthier. The Virgin Diet is simple, straightforward, and it can change your life.

Yes, you’ll lose weight! But you’ll also feel energized and confident. You’ll fight inflammation and painful symptoms that you might easily mistake for aging. And you’ll do it in just 3 weeks.

So what would you do with more energy? What if your joints didn’t hurt and you were never bloated or moody after meals? How would your life change if you could eat and exercise without any discomfort?

The Virgin Diet isn’t dieting to fit into skinny jeans. It’s dieting to feel better, live longer, and look younger. (The skinny jeans are just a bonus!)

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Remember, it’s not your fault…

For years, we were told that whole grains, soy milk, and low-fat were the way to go. The result? A nation full of dieters who work hard to eat right – often going hungry or giving up their favorite foods – and STILL can’t lose the weight.

Not only that, we have more trouble with fatigue, joint pain, headaches, acne, and gut health than ever before! The Virgin Diet will show you the 7 foods most likely to cause stubborn weight gain and uncomfortable symptoms.

I’ll walk you through exactly how to discover which foods are affecting your quality of life and eliminate them for good. (Don’t worry, I’ll also give you plenty of healthy swaps so you never feel deprived…)

It’s time to stop dieting to lose weight and start dieting to change your life, so you look and feel your best every day. Get your copy of The Virgin Diet 

From the Virgin Diet Community

“Years later, I just couldn’t seem to lose my post-pregnancy weight. Instead of having energy to play with my kids, I often needed to lay down in the middle of the day. When I tried The Virgin Diet, the weight started falling off. In the first four days, I lost six pounds. Two months later, I’d lost 25 pounds and reached my goal weight! But it wasn’t just about losing the weight – it was about getting healthy.” + Megan M.

“I found JJ when I was searching for an answer to my hand and knee pain. Following The Virgin Diet and using JJ’s protein shakes, I lost 50 pounds and all of my pain is gone!” + Melanie P.

“Because of JJ Virgin and The Virgin Diet, I have finally lost some of my tummy bloat that made me look at least 7 months pregnant. I feel so much better, have more energy, and am not tempted to eat the wrong things. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and expect to lose a lot more over the long term. Food intolerance was the missing link in the mystery of my health issues.” + Laurie F.

“After losing 100 pounds on The Virgin Diet, I discovered that most of the ‘healthy’ foods I had been eating at every single meal for decades were killing me from the inside out.” + Bryn J.

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