Recipe: Energizing Pre-Workout Coffee

by JJ Virgin on May 30, 2019

One of the questions I get asked most often is what to eat and drink before, during, and after a workout. Rule number one: Don’t eat a big meal within two hours of working out. You want your blood flow to go to your working muscles, not your stomach!

If you need a little something two hours (or less) before you exercise, try one of my bars. I formulated them to have the right amount of healthy fat, protein, and carbs to take the edge off your hunger and support your energy without slowing you down.*

The recipe below is also another ideal light pre-workout meal. MCT oil sourced from coconut is very easy to burn and energizing, while the caffeine in the coffee enhances athletic performance and supports fat burning.1,2 L-glutamine can help boost growth hormone and spare glycogen for muscle growth, and the protein in the shake aids your post-workout recovery.3,4

Make a cup of this tasty coffee anytime you want an energy boost before you exercise. It has all the protein and nutrients you need to make the most of your workout!

Added bonus: It tastes great, and you can use any flavor of shake you like! This recipe is a great reason to look forward to working out. 

Energizing Pre-Workout Coffee

Prep: 5 mins

Yields: 1 Serving


1 serving All-In-One Shake (Chocolate or Vanilla)

1 cup freshly brewed organic mycotoxin-free coffee (I love Bulletproof Coffee)

1 tsp MCT oil (Bulletproof™ also has a top-notch MCT oil) or 1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp Glutamine Powder


Whisk shake powder, MCT oil, and L-glutamine powder into hot coffee until smooth. Serve hot, or pour over ice. Enjoy!

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