Reasons for Cravings & How to Outsmart Them 

If you’re struggling with hunger and cravings, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! Listen as JJ deep dives into the reasons you may be feeling hungry all the time, including poor sleep, stress, certain foods, and the wrong type of exercise. JJ also shares her top diet, lifestyle, and exercise tips to help activate your satiety signal so you can kick those pesky cravings to the curb. Cravings don’t have to control your life any longer!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Poor sleep is the biggest culprit behind hunger. Just one sleep-deprived night can knock your hunger hormones out of whack and make you more insulin resistant.

2. The key to staying full is the “satiety trifecta.” That includes protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

3. When incorporating fasting into your healthy eating routine, remember that hunger equals younger. That’s because fasting triggers a cellular detoxification process called autophagy, which is anti-aging and good for longevity.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:58] Episode briefing

[2:33] Listener shout-out

[3:30] The true cause of weight gain is not calories, it’s food intolerance! Discover the sneaky 7 foods most likely to cause food intolerance in The Virgin Diet.

[5:02] The difference between hunger and cravings

[5:27] Poor sleep is the biggest culprit behind hunger.

[6:30] Hunger comes as a wave, and then it will go away.

[7:05] Long-term caloric restriction can lower your metabolism.

[7:26] Thirst can come disguised as hunger.

[7:55] How eating a high-sugar impact diet can make you hungrier

[9:04] Why fructose doesn’t trigger the satiety signal

[9:41] JJ’s satiety trifecta: protein, healthy fats, and fiber

[10:25] The impact of stress on your hormones and hunger levels

[10:58] Too much endurance exercise can make you hungrier.

[11:30] Doing high-intensity interval training and resistance training helps you become more insulin sensitive and build muscle.

[12:50] Sugar, gluten, and dairy can have a drug-like effect on your brain.

[14:20] The role of food intolerance in cravings

[15:13] Too much healthy food isn’t healthy.

[15:38] Get the enemy out of the house!

[16:22] How to trigger the satiety switch: start by getting good sleep.

[17:20] Alcohol can create rebound hunger the next day.

[18:06] Know your trigger foods!

[19:30] JJ’s top takeaways from today’s episode

[21:17] Why hunger equals younger

[21:30] Fasting triggers the cellular detoxification process of autophagy.

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