[Bonus Episode] How to Better Manage Thyroid Disease with One Simple Tweak with Dr. Alan Christianson | Ep. 196

New Findings to Help Manage Thyroid Disease That Might Surprise You

Dr. Alan Christianson, Board Certified Naturopathic Endocrinologist & New York Times best-selling author, joins JJ today to discuss the findings of his groundbreaking research in the area of thyroid health. 

You are going to be blown away by what you’ll learn from Dr. C!

If you have thyroid issues, then this is a must-listen! Dr. C will make you rethink the way you manage your thyroid.

And if you don’t have thyroid issues, he’ll help you avoid them in the first place. 

The secret Dr. C will reveal in the episode is centered around one single nutrient

Find out why regulating this one nutrient could be the key to healing thyroid disease, plus, he’ll dispel any rumors that have been circulating about this nutrient for almost an entire century. 

You’ll also learn early warning signs of thyroid disease so you can catch it early & intervene fast!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

Get Dr. Christianson’s free docuseries Invisible Iodine by going to jjvirgin.com/iodine.

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