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[Bonus Episode] Keto Fast with Dr. Joe Mercola | Ep. 322

Combining the Ketogenic Diet and Strategic Meal Timing to Help You Live A Longer, Healthier Life

You're in for a treat: Dr. Joe Mercola, bestselling author and founder of the world's number one natural health website, joins JJ for a bonus episode of Ask the Health Expert!

Today's topic is all about Dr. Mercola's groundbreaking KetoFast protocol that combines the ketogenic diet and strategic meal timing. Listen as Dr. Mercola shares the incredible science-backed benefits of fasting, such as helping with cell repair and boosting longevity.

Dr. Mercola also explains how to implement the KetoFast approach, including the ins and outs of a compressed eating window and partial fast, as well as how to figure out the types and amounts of foods you should be adding to your plate.

Find out Dr. Mercola's cutting-edge tips on how to time your ketogenic meals so you can jumpstart fat burning and live a longer, healthier life!

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