Tap into better health and wellness with intermittent fasting

Did you know that the average American consumes food or a beverage 16 times a day?!

That’s right. 16 TIMES.

Snacking culture, rushed schedules, and Starbucks drive-thru contributes to that.

Cynthia Thurlow, a seasoned nurse practitioner and a globally recognized intermittent fasting expert for women, joins JJ to discuss an alternative to the ‘snack-pocalypse: Intermittent Fasting.

Cynthia deep dives into the adjustments to nutrition and lifestyle that will set you up for success with intermittent fasting.

She also explains intermittent fasting techniques that are unique to women depending on where you’re at with your cycle – hormones play a key role here.

Plus, she shares a quick and effective method to reduce stress and improve your mood.

If you’re interested in intermittent fasting but have been too afraid to start, this episode is for you!

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