[Bonus Episode] Weight Loss Starts In Your Brain with Veronique Cardon | Ep. 250

How to Rewire Your Brain and Lose Weight Naturally

Veronique Cardon's health and weight struggles started when she moved to the United States and began working in a high-stress job as a corporate executive.

Realizing she needed to make a change, Veronique embarked on a journey to become a holistic nutritionist and heal herself. Along the way, she discovered that the key to weight loss success starts with changing the way you think. That's how the CogniDiet was born!

Listen as Veronique shares how the CogniDiet can help you rewire your brain and create new behaviors so you can lose weight naturally, plus the top strategies that Veronique uses to increase self-awareness and kick cravings to the curb. Veronique’s program combines the power of cognitive-behavioral therapy with healthy eating to help you achieve impressive results!

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