How Your Toxic Burden Could Be Stalling Fat Loss

If you’re struggling to lose weight, detoxification may be the answer. Holding on to too many toxins might stop you from being the best fat burner. In this episode, you’ll learn the “neon sign” that you may be carrying a toxin burden, why eating from the rainbow can support detoxification, the nutrient that acts like a sponge to detoxify, how intermittent fasting can help detoxification and weight loss, and my secret to maximizing your body’s ability to help detoxify. You’ll also learn what foods to swap out, why pairing protein with fiber promotes detoxification, plus more ways to support your body’s detoxifying abilities.

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JJ Virgin: [00:00:00] Isn't it so irritating when other people make losing weight look so easy. I mean, if it's not that way. There may be a reason and it's not your fault. It may not even be your diet.
Hey, there I'm JJ Virgin. I'm a four times, New York times bestseller and fitness hall of Famer. And I've helped thousands of people lose weight and stop the weight regain for more than 30 years. Now, this is the second video in a series to take you through some of the things that could be keeping you from losing weight and more importantly, how to fix them fast.
And number two is toxins. So if you want to make sure you don't miss this kind of good information, let's stay connected. All you have to do is hit like on this video and subscribe to this. Okay. So here's some breaking news. If you're struggling to lose weight or it keeps coming back. The [00:01:00] problem isn't always about food.
What I know, but it could be about how you're using your diet. Are you a diet lifer? Can't get off the ride or you think you'll blow up three sizes overnight? If you do well, guess what? That's actually the opposite of what you should be doing. If you want to lose weight for good. I'm not saying don't diet diets can work, but you should not be on a diet for life.
Dieting is not a lifestyle. It's not a hobby. Once you make it an everyday thing, your body just clings to the crumbs You're giving it, shuts down and holds on to fat so we can eat. But if you can use diets, once in a while as a therapeutic tool, they jumpstart weight loss. Why? Well, the right diet for the right amount of time helps you.
Detox and toxins are a major reason. Extra pounds may be stuck [00:02:00] around. And other places that bum you out, right? So detox is a mission critical strategy for fat loss. That's fat loss, by the way, not weight loss. You do not want to lose muscle if you're losing weight, but it's not fat from your waist, you're making yourself worse.
Not. Toxins are going to keep that fat glued your waist so you have to reduce your toxic burden in order to get rid of that super important. And trust me, you cannot even spot targeted through exercise. I've seen it tried so many times does not work consistent. GI issues are a neon sign pointing out that you could be carrying a heavy, toxic burden.
All those toxins build up with constant exposure. It's like your body's a history book that the damage they do is compounded by an illness, genetics or poor lifestyle choices and toxins by the way, are stored in your fat. So when [00:03:00] your metabolism tanks, like what happens when you never stop dieting, hint, hint, your body holds onto that fat.
And of course it holds onto the toxins in it. And because somebody out there has a dark sense of humor. Holding onto too many toxins also lowers your metabolic rate and impairs your thyroid function. So it's this vicious cycle. And the only way to get yourself off this merry-go-round is to free up that fat and burn it.
Now we're all hit with a ton of toxins every day. So no one is toxin-free here. We all have our fair share of. There are always chemicals in the air. We breathe the water we drink and in the products we wash our face and our hair and our body with. And that's even if you're trying to make really clean choices.
I mean, even if you decide to wear a gas mask, well, that's a great look. It's not going to keep you totally in the clear, it's literally a constant siege and we're really not equipped to handle it. [00:04:00] Evolution. Didn't give us an immune system to deal with all these chemicals that are new. Our ancestors didn't have to worry about what was in their apricot, facial scrub.
Right. But, you know, they had their own issues back then. So it may suck that we have to worry about toxins, but we can do something about them. And here's the great news. You get hit by toxins every single day. So let's connect the dots on weight loss here. That means that you have to detox every single day.
And that can be just some really simple. But you'll also want to stay on top of your toxic burden by doing deep detoxes, at least once a year and more is better. And that's super important. All right. So here's some killer detox strategies to get you started. And the number one, of course, you're going to change what's at the end of your fork diet.
Now you've heard this before, but you may not know why that you're supposed to eat this rainbow of colorful vegetables and especially deep green leaf use turns [00:05:00] out that there's specific compounds in them that can help chelate out, pull out the heavy metals out of your body. So that's step one and all those colors are antioxidants that also can help too.
Now, the other thing, that's enormous fiber. So fiber acts like a sponge to help absorb and get those toxins out of your body. So you want to make sure that you're getting fiber every single meal on the Virgin anti-diet. And next thing is add in those digestive enzymes and you just took your detoxing up to an 11.
Alright, next one. Dry brushing. What the heck is that? You take a dry brush and rough and you run it across your skin, and you're going to exfoliate, but more importantly, you're stimulating lymphatic drainage. Number three. After you do that, get in an Epsom salts bath, put in a little lavender essential oil too that's going to help you sleep well.
But the Epsom salts with the [00:06:00] magnesium is great for detoxification. Okay. Number four. My favorite trifecta of bodily functions, you're going to pee. You're going to poop and you're going to sweat. This is so important. So in order to pee, poop and sweat, well, of course you need the fiber, but you also got to have lots of water and you're going to want to move some to sweat it out, get your body moving.
And if you can bonus points for spending some time in a sauna, shout out to my friends over at sunlight and sauna. Amazing. Okay. Number five. Intermittent fasting. So intermittent fasting, activate something called autophagy, and this autophagy is amazing. It's basically helping you take out the cellular trash.
So all the waste product that your body gets out in the cells, old cells, et cetera, autophagy is get rid of them through intermittent fasting. That means you're eating through a restricted eating window of maybe one meal a day or eating [00:07:00] over eight to 10 hours a day. All right. The obvious number six, don't let the enemy in the house.
Don't add more toxins in. So one of the first things that you're going to want to do is swap out high five foods. Those are gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, peanuts, sugar, artificial sweeteners, eliminate those for at least three weeks to see which foods work for you and which foods don't. And then also we're getting rid of GMOs and mycotoxins as well.
You'll also be swapping out damaged fats. Those are especially those vegetable oils that have been processed for brain fueling healthy anti-inflammatory omega 3's. And of course, you're going to lower your sugar impact. You're going to trade high sugar impact garbage foods for subtle sweet treats that are loaded with fiber, like berries and my loaded smoothies.
And of course you're getting rid of the artificial colors and flavors. I mean, Artificial, [00:08:00] not food. Okay. Now you also gotta make sure you keep them out of your skincare products. You know that some of the cosmetics out there have formaldehyde, I mean, come on. I don't have to explain that. Right. So you want to make sure it's periban, sulfate-free do your homework.
There's a lot of great stuff out there and you got to look at things like your sudsy shampoo. Right, bet you never thought that like what you're washing your hair with could be the key to your weight loss. So detoxing is going to help you get off that diving hamster wheel for good. And trust me, you're going to feel amazing too.
And don't worry. You can still rock your great hair with a clean shampoo. There's some great ones out there. I know you were thinking about that, right? So I hope you found this helpful, and I hope more importantly, that it makes a big difference for you. Don't forget to like and subscribe. So you get more healthy lifestyle intel, tips and tricks.
Now in this next video, I'll cover the next big [00:09:00] reason. That's not your diet, but you might not be losing. I'll see you there.
Thanks again for being with me this week for more info on this and other health topics I cover or to rate and review, find me on Instagram, Facebook and my website, And don't forget to subscribe to my show. So you won't miss a single episode. Go to


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