Developing a Healing Mindset with Dr. Habib Sadeghi – #282

Using the Power of the Mind-Body Connection to Optimize Your Health

Dr. Habib Sadeghi is an expert in spiritual psychology and founder of the Be Hive Of Healing Integrative Medical Center. After being diagnosed with cancer during his second year of medical school, Dr. Sadeghi embarked on a spiritual healing journey that made his practice what it is today. Listen as Dr. Sadeghi explains the power of the mind-body connection and the integrative methods he uses to help patients overcome illness and optimize their health. Dr. Sadeghi also shares the negative consequences of mind shaming and unresolved emotions, as well as the techniques like journaling and practicing self-forgiveness that you can use to remove emotional obstacles and cleanse your mind and body. Plus, get a free excerpt from Dr. Sadeghi's latest book, The Clarity Cleanse, so you can jumpstart healing and transform your life today! 

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Main Points From Today’s Episode 

1. During his second year of medical school, Dr. Sadeghi was diagnosed with cancer and was told there was a 70% chance of metastasis. That diagnosis sparked a spiritual healing journey that made his practice what it is today.

2. Purge Emotional Writing for 12 minutes a day is a helpful technique for addressing unresolved issues and emotions. As you remove these obstacles, the water of healing flows. 

3. When it comes to health and wellness, community is everything. Dr. Sadeghi’s Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center is an intentional healing community. 

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:03] Dr. Habib Sadeghi’s career briefing

[2:36] Listener shout-out 

[3.53] Dr. Sadeghi's background

[5:10] How Dr. Sadeghi’s experience with cancer influenced his mindset and career path

[6:39] Doctors said that Dr. Sadeghi had a 70% chance of metastasis.

[7:34] Why Dr. Sadeghi refers to his cancer diagnosis as “canswer” 

[8:11] What is anthroposophical medicine? 

[10:16] Dr. Sadeghi’s journey in spiritual psychology 

[11:28] How Dr. Sadeghi uses integrative healing methods with patients 

[12:17] The power of the mind-body connection 

[13:54] The negative consequences of mind shaming 

[14:50] PEW-12 is a helpful technique for addressing unresolved emotions. 

[16:57] Tools for practicing self-forgiveness 

[21:14] The role of community in health and wellness 

[21:14] Be Hive of Healing is an intentional healing community.  

[23:55] The true cause of weight gain is not calories, it’s food intolerance. Discover the sneaky seven foods in The Virgin Diet!

[24:08] Listener’s question: How did JJ make it through the challenging times after her son’s accident?

[25:37] JJ’s daily GAM

[26:21] Telling someone how much you appreciate them is a powerful tool. 

[26:39] Every night, JJ writes down her 3 big wins for the day. 

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