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Diabesity: The Increasing Diabetes-Obesity Epidemic with Jonathan Bailor | Ep. 392

Diet and Lifestyle Tips to Lower Your Setpoint Weight & Improve Your Metabolic Health

Jonathan Bailor, New York Times bestselling author and CEO of SANESolution, joins JJ in today's podcast episode to talk about diabesity: the growing diabetes-obesity epidemic. What is diabetes? What role does diabetes play in obesity? Learn ways how to prevent diabetes. Thus keeping you safe from diabesity.

Listen as Jonathan explains what exactly diabesity is, as well as the underlying causes behind this modern health crisis. Jonathan also reveals how to prevent and reverse diabesity, including how you can lower your body's setpoint weight and improve your metabolic health by focusing on the quality of the foods you're eating. Jonathans free recipe book helps with first understanding what is diabetes, understanding how to prevent diabetes and diabesity, and how to do it while keeping an enjoyable and tasty diet!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

Grab Jonathan's free recipe book with 99 scrumptious Diabesity-Defeating Smoothies so you can get started today!

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[0:55] The diabesity problem

[1:53] Jonathan Bailor’s career briefing

[2:31] Listener shout-out

[4:13] If you’re over 35 or under stress, you might not be digesting protein well. Try JJ’s Metabolic Digestive Balance!

[5:44] What is diabesity?

[6:30] It’s important to understand that obesity and diabetes go hand in hand.

[7:21] What are the underlying causes behind obesity and type 2 diabetes?

[8:30] When it comes to diet and lifestyle factors, quality is key.

[10:40] Recognizing that you as an individual are of the highest quality

[12:10] What is your body’s setpoint?

[13:25] Your body’s setpoint range can go up or down based on the quality of inputs it’s receiving.

[14:25] The human brain doesn’t understand the word “not.”

[14:58] It’s key to focus on substitution rather than deprivation.

[15:30] How big of an issue is diabesity?

[17:24] How to prevent and reverse diabesity

[18:40] Results that Jonathan is seeing based on the protocol in his book, The Setpoint Diet

[20:20] Average weight loss on Jonathan’s 21-day protocol

[21:25] The fat loss comes with none of the side effects of starvation.

[22:06] Why monitoring your waist circumference matters

[23:20] Grab Jonathan’s free recipe book filled with Diabesity-Defeating Smoothies!

[24:46] My husband just got diagnosed with diabetes. Where is the first place to start?

[25:36] The trifecta of healthy fats, fiber, and protein is key for blood sugar balance.

[25:50] The importance of getting good sleep, lowering stress, and doing the right types of exercise

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