How Microbes In Soil Can Improve Your Health

Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein is a pediatric neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of The Dirt Cure: Growing Healthy Kids with Food Straight from Soil. On today’s podcast, Dr. Shetreat-Klein shares why spending time outdoors is critical and how the diverse organisms in soil can improve your health and impact the quality of your food. Dr. Shetreat-Klein discovered the importance of exposure to microbes in nature and eating nutrient-dense foods while helping her son recover from debilitating symptoms of asthma that stemmed from a severe food allergy. Find out why dirt is crucial for preventing illness and protecting your health!

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Key takeaways:
[:37] Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein’s career briefing
[2:43] What is The Dirt Cure?
[3:07] Being exposed to the microbiome of the outdoors is important.
[4:58] Kids that have grown up on farms have fewer allergies and less asthma due to their increased exposure to biodiverse organisms.
[5:35] One teaspoon of soil has as many organisms as there are people on the entire planet.
[6.08] Psychobiotics are organisms that can impact our mood and our cognition.
[7:30] What do you do when you live in the city?
[8:03] Sharing a microbiome with your pets boosts your brain, immune, and gut health.
[8:28] Visit nearby parks and seek out opportunities to spend time in nature.
[9:45] The Earth is an unlimited source of electrons — going bare feet and letting the flow of electrons enter your body helps neutralize harmful free radicals.
[10:28] Forest Bathing involves immersing yourself in the beauty of the forest and it’s been found to have numerous health benefits.
[11:30] Dr. Shetreat-Klein began researching the impact of food on children’s health after her son experienced debilitating symptoms of asthma and other health issues due to a severe food allergy.
[13:40] The way we grow our food and treat our soil impacts the health of our food.
[14:15] Healthy fat from animals raised in pastures is rich in vitamin D and essential fatty acids.
[15:37] Which sweeteners are best? Raw honey has antioxidant properties, but you still need to be mindful about the amount you eat.
[18:14] Get bitter components in your diet to help stabilize insulin and blood sugar levels as well as your appetite.
[18:58] Get a free guide with Dr. Shetreat-Klein’s favorite nutrient-dense recipes.
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[20:58] Listener’s question: How do I know if I need probiotics? Your gut microbiome is critical for your overall health — probiotics and prebiotics help balance your gut microbiome.
[25:06] If you are on antibiotics, you should take two probiotics a day.

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