Dr. Edison de Mello is the founder of the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine and is a pioneer in the study of the microbiome and its relationship with physical and emotional well-being. This podcast will show you how to read the signs that your gut is giving you, then take proactive steps to balance your microbiome by leading a proper lifestyle; the keys are found in your diet, how you are handling stress and your physical activity. Your entire body and mind will feel the difference of a healthy gut, so get started improving your gut microbiome right now!


Key takeaways:
[:48] Dr. Edison de Mello’s career briefing, publications and East-West approach to medicine.
[3:01] How Dr. de Mello became interested in gut function research.
[4:14] Finding the connection between the brain, the gut, the skin & more.
[4:55] His motto: “Meet the patients before meeting their diseases.”
[5:38] How does the gut bacteria influence the rest of the body and especially weight gain?
[5:50] Your microbiome is to your gut like a beehive is to honey! Both must be cared for.
[6:28] Good bacteria in your gut assist you with digestion and elimination, and signaling your body when eat, sleep, etc.
[7:11] Disease is what lies underneath the symptoms that the patient brings. What is going on when someone wants to eat more than they actually need? Stress can throw off the balance of good bacteria in your gut, triggering behaviors such as overeating.
[9:01] The goal while looking at the microbiome is first to understand it, and secondly, to balance it out through a proper lifestyle.
[9:56] Sugar IS the worst thing you can feed your gut bacteria.
[11:21] Sugar is sugar is sugar: honey, stevia, agave… it’s still sugar!
[11:48] Managing stress helps your microbiome. Take proactive steps to handle it.
[13:20] Physical activity is more than looking good, it has the incredible physiological function of increasing oxygen & blood flow — this helps the brain first, and then your gut and skin.
[15:30] Your hormone balance depends on your gut function. If your gut health is optimal, it will significantly help your hormone function, too.
[18:13] The gut has a great role in our physiological and emotional well-being.
[19:22] Practicing gratitude is something that makes a great difference in your life. Start your day by writing down 3 things that you are grateful for first thing in the morning. (Then drink two glasses of water with a splash of lemon!)
[21:55] You can lose weight even faster with fiber; Try JJ’s Extra Fiber supplement.
[22:28] Listeners’ questions: What to do when struggling with constipation? First, have your thyroid assessed. Second, add fiber to your diet and drink more water. Third taking magnesium combined with vitamin C and probiotics is a great help. Lastly: Move more, work out intensively three times a week.

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