Dr. Mike Dow - Brain Fog Fixes - Podcast

Almost every American has experienced brain fog at some point. You don’t feel quite like yourself: not as sharp and focused, more forgetful and moody. Today, I’m joined by the delightful Dr. Mike Dow, psychotherapist and my fellow co-star of TLC’s Freaky Eaters, among his numerous other TV appearances. Mike is an expert on brain fog, a precursor to dementia that’s so widespread in the US, they had to invent a medical diagnosis for it! He’ll explain the connection between what you eat and issues such as mild depression, anxiety, and forgetfulness, then introduce you to his book and program, The Brain Fog Fix. Mike is an insightful, funny guy, and I can’t wait for you to hear his take on this common cognitive issue and its fixes.

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In this podcast you will hear:

  • How to tell if brain fog is interfering with your life and what to do about it
  • Why unstable blood sugar can result in forgetfulness, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and more
  • A surprisingly simple snack that can help brain fog symptoms (Hint: the ingredients are probably in your spice cabinet right now!)
  • My answer to a listener’s question: Can you talk about leaky gut and what foods are best to eat and avoid?


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