There is more cancer going on today than there used to be: 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Any time I get the call or email about someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer, the first person I send them to is my guest on this episode, Dr. Nalini Chilkov. She is doing some of the most innovative, breakthrough work on cancer and how to never get there in the first place. She has helped thousands of people achieve and maintain extraordinary health and longevity and she is my go-to expert on all things related to cancer. In this interview you’ll learn about why cancer is so prevalent today, how sugar is linked to cancer, how to turn cancer promoter genes off and cancer suppressor genes on, and a lot more.

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In this podcast you will hear:

  • The reasons why there is so much more cancer going on today and the types of people who are more susceptible to cancer
  • The Link Between Sugar and Cancer: What you need to know, what to look out for and what you should pay attention to
  • What Dr. Nalini Chilkov means when she talks about creating a body in which cancer cannot thrive (PLUS: What to eat to stay healthy; Inexpensive, widely-available blood tests you can have ordered; How to turn cancer genes off; and more…)
  • I also answer listener’s questions: How can I really impact body-fat percentage, also, what are some ways I can deal with gut issues?


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