The Powerful Benefits of Fasting & How to Incorporate Fasting into Your Routine

Dr. Jason Fung is a bestselling author and world-renowned expert on fasting. He joins JJ in today's podcast episode to reveal the powerful benefits of fasting and how you can incorporate fasting into your routine to take back your health! Listen as Dr. Fung explains why the calories in-calories out method of dieting doesn't work, as well as why fasting is a better option for lasting weight loss. Dr. Fung also busts common myths about fasting, plus he shares the incredible advantages that fasting has to offer, including how it can help slow aging, fight disease, increase energy levels and burn away stored fat. Find out about the different types of fasting and grab Dr. Fung's free introductory course so you can start reaping the rewards of fasting today!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. The calories in-calories out dieting method doesn’t work! Dr. Fung explains why fasting is a better option for weight loss.

2. Dr. Fung busts common myths about fasting around hunger, muscle mass, and metabolic rate. Plus, find out about the powerful benefits of fasting, including how it can help slow aging, fight disease, increase energy levels, and burn away stored fat.

3. Dr. Fung talks about different types of fasting such as time-restricted eating and the one meal a day approach. Grab Dr. Fung's free introductory course on fasting to get started today!

Episode Play-By-Play

[2:10] Dr. Jason Fung’s career briefing

[3:05] Listener shout-out

[4:15 ] If you’re struggling with gas and bloating, food intolerance, or any other digestive unrest, try JJ’s Leaky Gut Support!

[5:34] How Dr. Fung became an expert on fasting

[7:40] The calories in-calories out dieting method doesn’t work!

[10:05] Busting the myth that you have to eat all day long to lose weight

[11:10] If you don’t have diabetes or other health issues, your body tends to keep your blood sugar at stable levels.

[12:30] After diving into the medical literature, Dr. Fung realized that fasting is actually a really good idea.

[12:58] Billions of people around the world have used different types of fasting regimens for thousands of years.

[13:45] Dr. Fung has seen patients reverse type 2 diabetes with fasting

[14:52] Overcoming common concerns about fasting

[16:45] Studies on fasting and lean body mass

[18:23] How fasting increases energy levels and sends the signal to your body to burn stored fat

[19:32] Changing up your exercise and eating routine has metabolic benefits.

[20:20] Putting small amounts of stress on your body in the form of fasting or exercise can actually be good for you.

[22:30] The top benefits of fasting

[23:21] Fasting boosts the process of autophagy, which has powerful anti-aging effects.

[24:09] The impact of fasting on hunger levels

[26:30] How fasting reestablishes your relationship with food

[27:30] Why eating 6 small meals a day makes you hungrier   

[29:30] Different types of fasting protocols and Dr. Fung’s top recommendations on how to incorporate fasting into your routine

[31:41] How to step into fasting

[33:05] Listener’s question: I know you’re not a fan of snacking, but I have low blood sugar. What should I do?

[34:02] Start by improving your food quality and eating the trifecta of fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

[34:59] Then, begin to extend the time between meals.

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The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting , by Dr. Jason Fung 

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss, by Dr. Jason Fung

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