Answering 2 Community Questions with JJ Virgin

It’s time for another Q&A! In today’s episode, JJ discusses how sugar impacts our body, and whether alternatives to sugar are safe and healthy to consume. She explains that honey contains fructose, and how that impacts your body. JJ also shares her top options that you should add into your diet to replace sweeteners. Plus, she suggests the best alternative sweeteners to use in declining amounts. Listen in today for this information-packed podcast!

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:32] 2 questions being addressed today. Is organic stevia safe? And, is natural honey okay?

[1:00] JJ describes sugar in general and how our body uses it.

[1:20] If you want to use a sweetener, make sure it helps the body and doesn’t hurt it.

[1:35] JJ addresses honey and tells what the effects are on the body.

[2:13] Honey contains both fructose and glucose. Fructose doesn’t raise blood sugar, which is a problem because of this reason.

[2:45] You can make sugar slowly from foods that are high in this ingredient.

[2:50] Some of my favorite high fiber foods are squash, non starchy veggies and berries.

[3:18] When is it okay to use a small amount of honey?

[4:00] Here are JJ’s sweetener recommendations.

[4:50] Even for these sweeteners, you should be using them in decreasing portions.

[5:00] Instead of sugar, follow these guidelines and condition your body to need less and less sweet.

[6:05] Artificial sweeteners are the worst for your body by changing these functions, plus they trigger caloric disruption.

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