Friday Q&A: Why Do I Call Potatoes “Nature’s Diet Pill”? – #349

Answering Community Questions with JJ Virgin

It’s time for another Q&A! JJ talks about potatoes in today’s Q&A episode. Recent studies show that potatoes are healthier than previously thought, high in resistant starch, and helpful with gut bacteria. Want to know JJ’s favorite way to prepare potatoes? Make sure you listen to today’s podcast to find out.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:01]  Potatoes are nature’s diet pill

[1:16]  JJ used to consider them high sugar impact, but now are medium-sugar impact, because of this.

[1:25] What is resistant starch, and how do you make potatoes the right way to get more of it?

[2:00]  JJ’s favorite recipe to prepare potatoes, and serving suggestions for getting the most resistant starch out of them.

[2:50]  Resistant starch means food resists digestion, & inhibits the rise in glucose and insulin that easy-to-digest carbohydrates cause.

[3:00]  Potatoes are good for gut bacteria and help you burn more fat.

[3:25]  Don’t get greedy…Only eat one cup for a serving.

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