How Female Biohacking Can Improve Your Physical and Emotional Wellness

Alisa Vitti, women’s hormone and functional nutrition expert, and pioneer in female biohacking, joins JJ today to discuss how understanding your biological rhythm can make a huge difference in your health. Listen to find out what your infradian rhythm is, and why you need to pay attention to it, as well as what it affects, and how to track it. This is an amazing podcast for any woman who wants to look and feel her best. Tune in today and have your notebook and pen handy!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

Get Alisa’s free 7-day quick start program from her book, In the Flo, and a quiz to get your biological rhythm score by going to

Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Most information about diet and exercise is based on men’s bodies. Women’s bodies are uniquely different and require different methods.

2. Circadian rhythm impacts everyone’s bodies. Infradian rhythms affect women physically, hormonally, and emotionally.

3. Adjusting your diet and exercise based on an infradian rhythm offers immediate results. When you eat and exercise dependent on where you are in your cycle, you give your women’s body what it needs.

Episode Play-By-Play

[3:40] What was the reason you became interested in women’s health, cycles and biohacking?

[4:30] Supporting your biological rhythm is the key to unlocking your best health.

[5:44] The percentage of women who suffer from a hormone imbalance is going to shock you.

[7:10] What are the biggest things disrupting women’s monthly cycles?

[8:22] Chemicals are huge factors in the contribution of precocious puberty (puberty starting as young as age 8).

[11:40] What is the new biological rhythm?

[14:00] Your Infradian rhythm affects these six key areas of the body

[15:08] What things disrupt the infradian rhythm?

[17:00] Infradian rhythm is active up to a year after this event, and taking care of it while it’s active promotes better health after it’s done.

[18:20] Doing this workout after ovulation can cause this to happen

[20:10] To continue to burn fat after ovulation, you need to do (or not do) these things

[22:00] Alisa’s app, MyFLO, helps you track your cycles (see the link in the notes below).

[23:00] Much of the health and wellness research that is available does NOT take this into account

[24:32] The only way to do intermittent fasting that’s good for women with infradian rhythms

[28:00] Supporting the infradian rhythm now ensures that your body will be better taken care of after this happens

[29:30] Alisa’s book is full of information directed specifically at women and infradian rhythms as opposed to using general information geared more towards men.

[31:42] We are the CEOs of our own bodies, and this information gives you more accurate information to make decisions that give us the biggest advantage.


1. Do the quiz to get your biological rhythm score.

2. Get the My FLO app

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