Strategies to Heal from an Injury and Optimize Brain Health

JJ welcomes Dr. Dan Engle to deep dive into the area of brain recovery after an injury and how to optimize your brain health. Both Dr. Engle and JJ have valuable insight to share, not only from their expertise as health professionals, but also because a brain injury has personally impacted their lives. Listen to learn about the best ways to heal your brain and what you should avoid after experiencing head trauma. Considering most traumatic brain injuries are mild and many folks aren’t fully aware of their injury, you don’t want to miss this critical information on protecting your brain health!

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Key takeaways:
[1:08] Dr. Dan Engle’s career briefing
[2:23] Dr. Engle became interested in brain recovery after his own injury.
[5:30] How do you know if you’ve injured your brain?
[6:00] Most traumatic brain injuries are mild, and many people are walking around with the neurological consequences without being fully aware of their injury.
[6:17] With post-concussive syndrome, executive functions (concentration, sleep, attention, mood) are compromised. There can be emotional and psychological ramifications as well.
[7:33] Infection and inflammation of the brain impairs all of the brain’s downstream functions.
[8:26] The things that help the brain heal also help the brain to function optimally.
[9:05] Strategies to help heal the brain and make a good brain better involve starting with the basics: water, light, oxygen, food, and energy.
[10:01] Water: floatation therapy
[11:28] Light: light therapy and vitamin D
[12:08] Oxygen: hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain repair
[13:46] Food: the food you eat influences your recovery — eat clean, organic, fat-based foods.
[14:29] Energy: pulsed electromagnetic field technology.
[16:55] What should you avoid when you’re recovering from a brain injury? It’s important to avoid: toxicity, including heavy metals like aluminum; influence of high electromagnetic fields from computers and cell phones; extra stimulation; stress; high-sugar diet; and subsequent head trauma.
[20:05] Everyone doing sports should be on fish oil and curcumin.
[20:30] Five things to take immediately after a head trauma: curcumin, fish oil, CBD, vitamin D, and glutathione.
[24:12] You can get a free Concussion Repair Manual and the Top 10 Brain and Mood Foods Guide from Dr. Dan at
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[27:11] Listener’s question: What was the most important thing that helped JJ’s son recover from his brain injury? The collective mindset and decision that he was going to be 110 percent.

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