Support your Sweetie Without Being a Nag, Hag, or Total Drag!

Tim O’Horgan, JJ’s fiancé, joins her in this podcast, to share how the two encourage each other to maintain healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Tim wasn’t always as fit and healthy as he is now. But with JJ’s support, he began making critical changes, and within a few months, he was struggling to keep weight on! Listen to learn about the shifts that JJ and Tim made to get great results and how you can be a positive role model and help your partner achieve amazing health!


Key takeaways:
[1:40] Tim thought he was a healthy eater when he first met JJ, but dairy, carbs, and sugar were sneaking into his diet.
[2:33] Dessert was the area where Tim was struggling the most.
[3:30] When Tim increased fat in his diet, eliminated dairy, reduced carbs and ate lower sugar-impact foods, he began losing weight and had a hard time keeping it on.
[6:06] Tim feels amazing after switching to resistance training and high-intensity interval training.
[7:10] Endurance training lowers your immune system, can decrease testosterone levels, makes you age faster, and breaks down muscle.
[8:38] Tim made the biggest shift in his sleep habits, going from 5 hours to 8-9 hours per night.
[9:31] Sleep will de-age you, help you lose fat, build muscle, and is critical for your health and mood.
[10:09] Use a Chilly Pad to keep you cool during the night and sleep better.
[12:03] Support each other to sustain healthy habits and have fun together.
[13:10] Biggest takeaway is: don’t nag! Just be the best role model possible.
[14:24] Instead of restricting foods, find healthy replacements.
[15:48] The true cause of weight gain is food intolerance. Find out which foods to drop in The Virgin Diet.
[16:38] Listener’s question: How do I change my partner's bad eating habits? Answer: be the best role model you can be!

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