How to Reduce Your Toxic Burden and Boost Your Health With Essential Oils & Nutritious Foods

Dr. Z and Mama Z are well known for their tips and trusted advice on natural living for families. You’re going to love today’s far-ranging conversation from everything about essential oils and how to reduce your toxic burden to healthy eating and how Mama Z just got named Miss Georgia at the age of 41. If you’re looking for the link between the quality of your food and skincare and how you look and feel, today’s episode will not disappoint!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

Get the Zielinski’s book bonus bundle when you purchase The Essential Oils Diet

Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Mama Z, a mother of 4, was recently crowned Miss Georgia at the age of 41. Her How to Be A Hottie Protocol is included in the Zielinski’s new book, The Essential Oils Diet.

2. Toxic overload puts a burden on your metabolism. The DIY essential oils recipes are an amazing, natural alternative to toxic skincare products.

3. The aim of The Essential Oils Diet is to give you food freedom. That includes eating a balance of organic, non-GMO foods that promote good health.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:16] Introduction to today’s episode

[2:35] The Zielinski’s career briefing

[3:18] Listener shout-out

[4:48] If you’re over age 35 or under stress, you might not be digesting protein well. Try JJ’s Metabolic Digestive Balance!

[6:15] Mama Z’s How to Be A Hottie Protocol is in the Zielinski’s new book, The Essential Oils Diet.

[8:10] Why are people asking the wrong questions when it comes to weight loss? What are the right questions?

[10:15] Contributing factors to the current health crisis

[11:03] Toxic overload puts a burden on your metabolism.

[12:25] The differences between conventional meat and grass-fed animal protein

[13:30] When it comes to food freedom, what are the right types of foods that we should be eating?

[15:25] It’s important to focus on organic, non-GMO, whole foods, as well as on getting the right balance of healthy fats, carbs, and protein.

[16:14] Toxic chemicals in conventionally-raised animal feed

[18:08] Toxins lurking in beauty and skincare products

[18:40] What types of beauty products does Mama Z use?

[20:40] Mama Z makes a lot of her own products using essential oils.   

[21:50] What is leaky skin?

[23:24] How leaky skin can create chronic inflammation   

[25:07] Top takeaways from The Essential Oils Diet

[26:44] What’s included in The Essential Oils Diet book bonus bundle

[28:00] All about Dr. and Mama Z’s 60-day group coaching gift

[29:47] Action steps from today’s episode

[30:32] JJ’s favorite non-toxic skincare and laundry products

Mentioned in this episode:

Environmental Working Group

Annmarie Gianni Skincare


Metabolic Digestive Balance

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